• Law Test Series (Non-NLU)

    • Subject wise performance report highlighting strong and weak areas

    • All India percentile ranking and benchmarking

    • 33 All India Mocks based on actual exam pattern of PU, NMIMS, MHCET & More


    Top Ranks in CLAT 2023


    Top Ranks in AILET 2023

    Program Features

    1. 38 All India Mocks based on SLAT, MH-CET, ET-Christ University, PU & NMIMS-LAT exam patterns
    2. All India percentile ranking and benchmarking
    3. Mocks closest to the actual exam pattern and expectations
    4. Comparative analysis of student’s performance in different tests-drill down analysis
    5. Subject wise performance report highlighting strong and weak areas

    Features & Benefits

    38 All India Mocks based on SLAT, MH-CET, PU & NMIMS-LAT exam pattern(10SLAT ,10MHCET, 10Christ University, 3NMIMS-LAT & 5 PU Entrance Test)

    Subject wise drill down analysis to help understand strengths and weaknesses.

    Get percentile rank & judge yourself with the competition


    I was a part of CL's CR nuggets program that helped me structure my planning and my performance in CLAT and AILET. I attended all the online classes which covered most of the course and gave more than 40 CL's mocks before my final exams. I believe that is what helped me with my preparation. I’m very grateful for enrolling in this course. Thank you.

    Navya Nair
    AIR 6 CLAT 2023 | AIR 38 AILET 2023

    I was a part of CL's two-year classroom program in Chandigarh. CL's team not only helped me with great content and interesting classes but also guidance in defining the right path for my career through career counselling sessions. Throughout my preparation my mock scores were inconsistent but CL as a community kept me motivated to do more.

    Chahat Bhambri
    AIR 29 CLAT 2023 | AIR 114 AILET 2023

    I was a part of CL's classroom program here in Jayanagar Center. I started my preparation very late and was not regular with the course prep. I heavily depended on CL's content and mocks which played a major role in my preparation.

    Rohit Hebbar
    AIR 11 AILET 2023

    I attended the online classes in 11th because of COVID and started preparing for the exam seriously in class 12th, under the two-year program at CL. I believe except one mock I've attempted all the mocks provided by CL. The mocks played a huge role in pushing my score from 40-50 to 90's. CL's program made a huge impact on my prep and is thus evident in the results.

    Joy Sanskar Kalra
    AIR 14 AILET 2023

    I was a student in Career Launcher's one-year online program in 2021-2022. I appeared in CLAT 2022 and secured All India Rank 2. I'm very thankful to Career Launcher without whose efforts and guidance, I could not have made it this far. From mocks to boot camps to masterstrokes, every endeavor helped me succeed and boost my score. I'm also thankful for the faculty and administrators who were receptive to suggestions and facilitated the learning even in online mode. The variety of mocks, the thoroughness of the classes and the healthy competition between classmates also helped me boost my score. I'm very thankful to Career Launcher faculty and classmates without whose help I could not have learned and grown and made it till here.

    Meenal Jain
    AIR 2 CLAT 2022 | AIR 1 AILET 2022

    I’ve taken a lot of mocks and no matter which institutes’ mocks I’ve taken, CL is the goal standard, there’s no doubt about that. CL’s mocks were very close to the CLAT paper, especially in the standard the quality of verbal aptitude, the difficulty of quantitative aptitude, all of it penned out quite well. So even though CL released one mock a week, there were other institutes releasing many mocks a week, CL is the one mock that all of us look forward to do well in because we knew that this mock was well designed.

    Prem Parwani
    AIR 16 CLAT 2022

    I joined Career Launcher when I was in Class 11th and from day 1 till now, it's been an amazing journey. The online classes, CL faculty, the mocks, their analysis, the doubt-clearing groups, everything has been just wonderful. Especially the CL faculty Suhasini Ma'am, Jyoti Ma'am, Kandarp Sir, and Abhishek Sir. I'm so grateful to each and every one of the CL teaching faculty for the constant support and guidance throughout the exam preparation. The Mocks that were provided were so helpful in assessing the performance, knowing the strengths and weaknesses, and then planning and working accordingly. The preparation material that was provided like the books and practice sheets as well as the test series including the topic tests and the sectional tests were extremely helpful. The weekly and monthly Manthans that were provided for GK Preparation and the Masterstroke sessions that were scheduled were so valuable for both CLAT as well as AILET. This would not have been possible without the support provided by Career Launcher.

    Namya Gambhir
    AIR 25 CLAT 2022 | AIR 39 AILET 2022

    I’m Adanya Garg, I got a rank 89 in CLAT and rank 61 in AILET and I was an online program student for two years and I’m very grateful to CL for all the mentorship and help they provided, the material is great and definitely like to give a special shoutout to Udit sir, Gejo sir, GP sir, Kandarp sir and the various other faculty I had for the various subjects, also Abhishek sir for the quantitative techniques. CL helped me a lot and I don’t think I could’ve cracked AILET and CLAT both had it not been for CL, thank you so much.

    Adanya Garg
    AIR 89 CLAT 2022 | AIR 61 AILET 2022

    Hi, my name is Vanshika, I secured an All India Rank 806 in CLAT 2022. I’ve been a student at Career Launcher for two years now and I would like to say that Career Launcher has played a pivotal role in my journey and I’m grateful to the entire team, the faculty, the people who are making the mock tests, the people who are providing us with all the study material because it’s their hard work which makes it so easier and makes our journey so smooth and the mentors at CL, I would like to give a big shoutout to Gejo sir, GP sir, Nishank sir, Nitin sir and Kandarp sir of course. Everybody for always being so approachable, for being so motivating, and for ya for always just having our backs at all times so thank you CL.

    AIR 806 CLAT 2022