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    CBSE Class 12th Boards

    1. Extensive sessions on class XII subjects for every stream.
    2. In class doubt resolution
    3. 5 Mocks for board examination, out of which 2 will be evaluated.
    4. Detailed analysis and discussion of mock papers

    Premium Personalized Tutoring - Class XII - CBSE (Online)

    • 60 hours of live interactive learning
    • 20-25 hours of self-paced video lessons
    • 24*7 online learning support-aspiration.ai
    • Chapter tests: 1-2 topic tests with 10 questions each
    • Worksheets - Chapter summary plus practice question
    • Assessments – Unit/Cyclic test (2 times in the year)
    • Mid-year exam, Final exam/mocks
    • Parent Mentor Interaction: Twice a year

    CL Olympiad Online Test- Class 12

    1. Cover General Aptitude and English
    2. 1 test per subject
    3. Delve deeper into your favourite subjects
    4. Assess your critical thinking