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Open Sessions to Ace Logical Reasoning and English sections of Law Entrance Exams

Learn the 3 most important skills 'Anticipate - Apply - Avoid' and boost your scores in Mock.

3 As to ace the CR and English Section of CLAT

Nov. 20, 2021

19:30 Hrs

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Why should you attend these sessions

Reading and Reasoning are the two most important skills required to do well in CLAT and other law entrance exams. CLAT requires you to read and understand 30 passages across different sections in 2 hours time. Add to it, solving 150 questions; and it is a difficult task.

These open sessions by Siddharth Mehta (Creator, CR Nuggets for Law Exams) aim to help you to build the necessary skills to ace CLAT and other law entrance exams. So far, thousands of students have benefitted by attending the sessions and joining the program of Siddharth, no reason you will not!

Learn more about the speaker

Siddharth Mehta

XLRI Alumnus

Creator CR Nuggets for Law Exams

Teaching and Mentoring are Siddharth's passion and it gets reflected in every session of his. With his methodical yet practical problem solving approach, he makes learning easy and effective for the students. Follow his concepts and methods and just rest assured of doing well in the section.

What you will gain by attending this Free Session:

Session Highlights

  • A chance to get answers to all your queries from Siddharth Mehta
  • What to focus on while reading a passage?
  • How are questions framed?
  • How are options framed?
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