ETEN-CS-Capital Markets and Securities Laws
  ETEN-CS Executive - Financial and Strategic Management
  ETEN-CS Foundation - Business Management, Ethics & Entrepreneurship
  ETEN-CS Foundation Cracker
  ETEN-CS professional -Module 1
  ETEN-CS professional -Advanced Tax Laws and Practice
  ETEN-CS-Cost and Management Accounting
  ETEN-CS-Economic and Commercial Laws
  ETEN CS Executive - Jurisprudence,Interpretation & General Laws
  ETEN-CS Executive - Tax Laws
  ETEN-CS professional -Module 3
  ETEN-CS professional -Financial, Treasury and Forex Mgt.
  ETEN-CS-Company Accounts and Auditing Practices
  ETEN-CS Foundation - Business Environment and Law
  ETEN-CS professional -Advanced Company Law and Practice
  ETEN-CS-Company Law
  ETEN-CS Executive - Setting up of Business Entities & Closure
  ETEN-CS Executive - Corporate & Management Accounting
  ETEN-CS Executive - Economic,Business and Commercial Laws
  ETEN-CS Foundation - Business Economics
  ETEN-CS professional -Information Technology and Systems Audit
  ETEN-CS professional -Corporate Restructuring, Valuation and Insolvency
  ETEN-CS-Executive Programme - Module I
  ETEN-CS Executive - Securities Laws & Capital Markets
  ETEN-CS professional -Module 2
  ETEN-CS professional -Secretarial Audit, Compliance Mgt. and Due Diligence
  ETEN-CS-Executive Programme - Module II
  ETEN-CS-Tax Laws and Practice
  ETEN-CS professional -Ethics, Governance and Sustainability
  ETEN-CS professional -Capital, Commodity and Money Market
  ETEN-CS-Industrial, Labour and General Laws
  ETEN-CS Foundation - Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing
  ETEN-CS professional -Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings

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