How to Prepare for CUCET?

It is never easy to formulate a perfect strategy for any entrance exam, let alone CUCET. While one can always argue about the importance of hard work, pressure of school curriculum, etc., there is a definite need to have an effective strategy in place.

Cracking an entrance exam like CUCET not only requires hard work but also perseverance and determination, along with the appropriate resources and mentoring.

Preparation Tips

CUCET, with the involvement of 54 Central Universities for admissions to their Undergraduate courses, is all set to become the biggest entrance exam in the country. No doubt, the stakes are extremely high for a student, who is already under tremendous pressure because of the Class XII Board exams.

So, here are a few tips which will help you prepare for CUCET without having those sleepless nights!

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Understand the Exam

Every entrance exam is different. The first step is to understand the exam you are going to attempt. This is true for CUCET, as well. It will grant you access to the best Universities in the country; and thus, it becomes imperative to understand the exam structure, along with the Universities participating in CUCET.

Explore the Syllabus

The next step is developing an understanding of the syllabus. This will help you shortlist the content you need to cover. Check for the priorities and marks assigned to any specific content.

Draw up a Timetable

Since CUCET is an entrance for admissions to the Undergraduate courses at the Central Universities, it is likely to be conducted once the Board exams are over. No doubt, given the pressure & hype around the Class XII Boards, one’s focus will automatically shift towards school curriculum, especially when the exams are round the corner. So, starting early makes sense. Create a plan where you can spend 90-120 minutes every day; and during the breaks devote a larger number of hours. Even during the Board exams, have a plan so that you do not break the momentum.


Did you know that athletes remain focused on practising, even if there is no event or tournament round the corner? This is because they do not want to lose their focus when the moment of truth arrives. Same is true for a student preparing for entrance exams like CUCET. Working on the concepts and writing Mock Tests based on the exam pattern are critical. These will help you understand your strengths; and provide an idea about the weak areas which can be worked on and improved upon.

Remain Motivated

Motivation is important to conquer any hurdle, even an entrance exam. Think positively, understand how success in the entrance will help shape your dreams and your career. Seek guidance. Connect with experts, if required.

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