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BA Political Science Honours: BA Honours Political Science comes under the umbrella of the Bachelor of Arts and therefore follows a similar hierarchy of the study. The primary focus of the BA Political Science syllabus is historical and modern political systems, public administration, governmental policies and procedures, international relations, and public affairs. Political Science is a branch of social science which deals with the governance, power systems and analyses political activities, political thought, political behaviour, and constitutions & laws associated with it.

BA Political Science Syllabus is vast and is different from one to another university or college. Afetr completing their class 12th with Arts, a lot many of students wants to pursue their UG in this subject from any of the top colleges for ba in political science in the country, and as many other courses, DU is the most popular destination. But, before you decide to persue BA Political Science Honours for your UG, every aspiring students must get familarised with the BA Political Science Syllabus and the list of top colleges for BA in political science in the country. Since, the UG admissions will be based on the CUET scorecard, students must take a note and prepare accordingly to get to the top colleges with the course of their desire.

Follow this article till the end to know in detail about the BA Honours Political Science course, The detailed BA Political Science Syllabus, its Eligibility Criteria, the admission process, Top colleges for BA in political science, and much more.

BA Political Science syllabus

The UG BA Political Science syllabus is very broad and extensive. The syllabus also varies from university to university, so students must keep that in mind. Considering the popularity of the University of Delhi (DU), the detailed BA Political Science syllabus for DU has been provided here.

Candidates are advised to go through the entire syllabus before they apply for admission through CUET. To check the detailed BA Political Science syllabus for University of Delhi ( DU), click on the button below.

BA Political Science syllabus

BA Political Science

- Eligibility Criteria

Many universities, colleges and institutes in India offer BA Political Science Honours programs. However, before applying for admission to the top colleges for BA in political science, candidates need to apply for CUET with the appropriate combination required for the particular universities that they are eyeing for. The basic requirement to enroll in this course is that a student should have minimum aggregate marks, as mentioned by the particular university/college, in the XII Boards examination from a recognised institution. Along with htis the candidates must have chosen the correct combination of subject while applying for the CUET.

Although one should remember that the BA Political Science eligibility criteria differs from college to college, for instance, if a student wishes to take admission to a college which is under the DU - Delhi University, the criteria would be based on either that candidate had Political science as a subject in their class 12th or not, and the CUET entrance exam score.

BA Honours Political Science

- Admission Process

The admission process for BA Honours Political Science remains similar for most Universities/Colleges. Below are the steps to be followed:

  • The admission to BA Political Science Hons in 200+ participating universities is based on the CUET score card of the candidates.
  • The application forms are out during the month of February and April every year.
  • The application process and the exam mode is completely online.
  • Students are required to fill out the application form before the deadline.
  • After the declaration of the CUET results, universities/colleges release their respective cut-off for BA Political Science Honours.

If the aggregate score obtained by the student in the CUET fulfills the cut-off criterion issued by the college, he/she is granted admission based on the merit list.

Top colleges for BA in political science

Check Top colleges for BA in political science :


Admission Process

Daulat Ram College, Delhi


Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi


Kirori Mal College, Delhi


Aryabhatta College, New Delhi


Hindu College, Delhi


Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, New Delhi


JMI New Delhi - Jamia Millia Islamia


BA Political Science

- Scope & career options

BA Honours Political Science graduates have a varied pool of opportunity for different job roles and career options. After completing the course (BA Political Science honours), the aspirant can work both in the public and private sectors. They even have an option of further specialisation by doing a postgraduate degree like a doctorate or even a further extension by doing other full-time courses. Some of the best job designations for graduates after the BA Honours Political Science in the field are as follows:

  • Primary School Teacher
  • Corporate Communications Manager
  • HR Assistant
  • Office Administrator
  • Senior Technical Writer
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Office Assistant

BA Honours Political Science provides aspirants with high career opportunities and other benefits. The benefits of the course are listed below.

  • High Pay: The job offers a good starting salary for freshers and a well of ones for senior or experienced graduates, thus marking it as a good one in the economy.
  • Exposure: BA Political Science Honours degree gives excellent social skills, thus having a good effect as a part of CV and gives a good scope for job even abroad because of the language skills.

Since admission to this course across 47 central universities and 160+ other universities in India will solely based on the CUET scorecard, it is important that you are well prepared for the exam.

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