September 2023

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Published on 4th September 2023 | 17:23 PM

How to Balance your Board + CUET Preparation?

Common Universities Entrance Test (CUET) is a national-level entrance exam for UG admissions to 250+ participating universities. CUET is a very competitive exam and thus requires students to prepare really well to get into any of the top universities/colleges. Preparing for the CUET examination along with Board exams is a very hectic task. The CUET exam is tentatively scheduled a few weeks after your Board exams. Though the syllabus for both exams is almost similar, the question pattern and types are completely different. Therefore, students are required to balance their preparation and follow an effective strategy. 

Cracking a CUET entrance exam not only requires knowledge but also consistency, regularity & effective time management. To balance your Board exam preparation along with CUET, you must make a dedicated study plan, where you are able to give an adequate amount of time to both exams.

Here is how to balance your studies and prepare for CUET and Boards together:

> An early start always serves the cause better.

> Go through the syllabus and mark topics that are common to both exams.

> NCERT Books should be your primary source of preparation. 

> Create short notes for reference during the preparation.

> Create a dedicated study schedule keeping in mind the timeline of both exams.

> Define your goals for both the exams.

> Revision is an effective way and is a must. 

> Practicing through the CUET mock test.

Keep these things in mind and remain thoughtful in what you do or plan. Remain consistent, and focused on your approach.

Keep learning, keep growing

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