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There is no denying the fact that science remains to be one of the most renowned fields that students look up to. And why not? It is one of the most popular streams and also, opens you to a plethora of opportunities. It produces some reputed jobs that are rewarded with a handsome amount of salary. But one question that quickly arises as soon the 12th boards are over is about the next lane to go down. 

This article aims to focus on the same. B.SC courses after 12th remains an unabated option amongst many students, given the immense amount of opportunities it offers to you. The best part about this particular course is that not only does it open its arms wide for individuals who have pursued science in their 12th grade but ones with humanities (BSc Pyschology) and commerce (in Statistics or Mathematics) in their boards can apply to these courses as well. However, we are sticking to the courses that are offered to science students.

It is a common tendency to choose subjects in a quick hurry which is often regretted by students later on. To avoid such instances, a thorough understanding of what is available on your plate will allow you to make a wise decision and thus, not worry about it later. 

BSc Courses after 12th are designed to be one of the best options that assure that students with a robust science background make the most out of it. These courses generally have a period that extends to 3-to 4 depending on the university and they are further subdivided into semesters, based on which you are graded. Students are often also placed into reputed companies just after the course completion based on their merit and grades. The course aims to give speculative knowledge in conjunction with practical exposure that best polices your skills and growth. This article strives to give you all the specifics that you may need to know about this particular course.

BSc Courses After 12th: Summary

BSc Courses after 12th sounds like an integrated course, but there are multiple specialities and specific degrees that the field delivers. Now for your ease, we have arranged some popular courses in one place so you may have a quick look at all the options you may have to start your career with.




BSc Hons. Mathematics

Candidates should have maths as an essential subject with a recognised university having a minimum of 50% - 60%.

This particular subject gives a detailed understanding of core maths subjects and their applications including analytics and more.

BSc Agriculture

Candidates have to have physics, chemistry, and biology as their main subjects with an aggregate of 50%.

An ideal choice for someone looking to work in forestry services and so on. They aim to give you field study of agricultural issues and the best measures and practices to deal with the same.

BSc Horticulture

Candidates must have their 10+2 qualification in the Science stream.

Opting for this course will give you better insights into crop management and other areas related to it.

BSc Zoology

Candidates with PCMB with their major subjects calculating a graduate of 50% are eligible.

Opens up you to better environmental understanding and the measures regarding preservation and conservation of the same.

BSc Hons. Physics

Candidates with PCMB with their major subjects calculating a graduate of 50% are eligible.

A better understanding of concepts of optics and other physical theories.

BSc Hons. Chemistry

Candidates with PCMB with their major subjects calculating a graduate of 50% to 60 % are eligible.

Study all about organic, inorganic and physical chemistry concepts in detail.

BSc Biochemistry

Candidates with PCMB with their major subjects calculating a graduate of 50% to 60 % are eligible.

In this course, a wide understanding of physicochemical concepts is imparted.

BSc. Hons Computer Science

Candidates with 55%- 60% in core subjects of PCMB are eligible.

An ideal course for you if you aim to find yourself somewhere in the IT industry.

BSc Nursing

Candidates with biology as their core subject in 10+2.

Pharmacology and health concepts are studied in detail.

There is a wide line of other BSc courses after 12th as well that you may find in reputed universities. You can have a quick look at them with the help of the bullets mentioned below:

  • BSc Geography

  • BSc Geology

  • BSc Botany

  • Basic Statistics

  • BSc Physical Sciences

  • Basic Life Sciences

  • BSc Home Sciences

  • BSc Microbiology

These courses are available in almost all reputed colleges that offer undergraduate degrees. Though, they can have different procedures for their admissions. Some of the most popular colleges where you'll be able to find these BSc Courses after 12th are Hansraj College, St. Stephens College, Ramjas College, BHU, Kurukshetra University and several other organisations spread across regions of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Bengal, Bihar, and so on. 

Wrapping Up

To summarize, it won't be wrong to say that your best life is waiting ahead of this decision. It is the foundation stone that opens you to future exploration. So, do not hurry and invest a good time thinking and being firm on your decision to choose the best for you. 

In order to take admissions to these courses in some of the top central universities including DU, BHU, JMI, Allahabad University among others, you will now have to write CU-CET. The Central Universities Common Entrance Test is the common admission test to be conducted by NTA from the academic year 2022-23 for admissions into 40+ central universities in India. You can explore online coaching programs from our UG experts to ensure admission in these courses.