Home Science Syllabus for CUET | How to prepare Home Science for CUET

Home Science for CUET: Home Science syllabus for CUET, has been released by the National Testing Agency (NTA) and the same can be downloaded from its official website. This article will provide all the relevant and necessary information regarding the CUET, a brief syllabus, and exam pattern for Home Science. It will also try to assist you with a detailed preparation strategy and give some crucial tips. The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is a centralised exam through which candidates from all over the country will be looking to secure their seats in any of the top participating universities in CUET. The competition in the exam is going to be tough and students should prepare themselves in the best possible way to increase their chance of being successful in the exam.

The first step in any preparation is to go through the syllabus and comprehend it. Then think of a suitable way to prepare. Candidates are advised to go through the Home Science syllabus for CUET in detail to get a brief understanding of what to expect in the exam. Before proceeding further, let’s go through a few essential details of the exam. It will help you to get a brief overview and prepare better for the CUET exam.

Few important details about the CUET exam:

  • CUET will be a gateway to 100+ Universities, for UG admissions.
  • For the first time since its inception, in CUET the medium of instruction will be available in multiple (13 different) languages.
  • The exam will be conducted online, in Computer Based Test (CBT) mode, and over two shifts (Morning and Afternoon).

Home Science Syllabus for CUET:

Home Science as a subject involves learnings that are very basic and fundamental, but crucial for human life and its development. To secure a seat in the top-rank universities, it is necessary to get good marks in the CUET exam. Which can only be achieved through thorough preparation. Going through the syllabus, grasping it, and devising a proper strategy is very important for this. The Home Science syllabus for CUET is covered by six main Units,

All the units have sections and subsections, all of them are equally important and interconnected. Every topic should be given equal importance and grasped thoroughly. A detailed syllabus is discussed below:




Unit I: Science and Technology

1. Clinical nutrition and Dietetics

a) Significance

b) Diet Therapy objectives.

c) Role of nutritionist

d) Types of diets

e) scope and career

2. Public Nutrition and Health 

a) Concept of Public Health and nutrition.

b) Nutritional Problems in India.

c) Strategies to tackle nutritional problems.

d) Scope and career

3. Catering and food services management 

a) Types of food service system

b) Management in Food Services.

c) scope and career

4. Food Processing and technology

a) Basic concepts - food science, food Processing food technology, food Manufacturing

b) Development of food processing and technology and its importance

c) Classification of processed food.

d) Scope and career.

5. Food Quality and safety 

a) Basic Concepts - food safety, food contamination food adulteration

b) Food Standards Regulation - India (FSSAI, Agmark) and International (CAC, WTO, ISO)

c) Food safety management systems

d) Scope and career.

Unit II: Human Development: Lifespan Approach

1. Early childhood care and education.

a) NCF (Principles and objectives.

b) Concept of crèche, daycare centre and Montessori schools.

c) Viewpoint of Psychologist - Piaget and Vygotsky

d) Scope and career.

2. Special Education and support services

a) Disability

b) special Education methods

c) scope and career

3. Management of institutions and programmes for children, youth and elderly

a) Children: Vulnerable, programmes

b) Youth: Vulnerable, programmes

c) Elderly: Vulnerable, programmes

d) Scope and career

Unit III: Fabric and Apparel

1. Design for fabric and Apparel

a) Design Analysis - structure and Applied

b) Elements of design.

c) Principles of design.

d) Scope and career.

2. Fashion design and Merchandising

a) Fashion terminology - Fashion, style, Fad, classic.

b) Fashion Development - History and Evolution

c) Fashion Merchandising

d) Scope and career.

3. Production and quality control in the Garment Industry

a) Stages of apparel production

b) Quality Assurance in the Garment Industry

c) Scope and career.

4. Care and Maintenance of fabrics in Institutions

a) Laundry equipment - Washing drying and ironing

b) Institutional laundry

c) Scope and career.

Unit IV: Resource Management

1. Human Resource Management

a) Significance and functions of HRM

b) Scope and career.

2. Hospitality Management

a) Concept of different hospitality establishments

b) Guest Cycle

c) Departments in Hospitality organizations Front Office, Housekeeping, food and beverages

d) Scope and career.

3. Consumer Education and Protection

a) Consumer Problems.

b) Consumer Protection Act (2019) - consumer rights and responsibilities

c) Standard Marks - ISI, Agmark, FSSAI, Hallmark, silk Mark, Wool Mark, Eco mark

d) Voluntary consumer organizations

e) Scope and career.

Unit V: Communication and Extension

1. Development of communication and Journalism

a) Basic concepts- Development, Development Journalism, and Development communication.

b) Methods of communication

c) Scope and career.

2. Media Management, Design, and Production

a) Media planning

b) Media designing and production.

c) Media evaluation and feedback

d) Scope and career

Unit VI: Career Options after Home Science Education

Career options of self and wage employment in various fields of Home Science.

After getting to know the detailed syllabus of home science for CUET, instead of directly rushing about how to prepare home science for CUET? Let's first understand a few details about the exam pattern for home science. Those are discussed below:

Exam pattern for Home Science:

How to prepare Home Science for CUET:

No entrance exam is easy, they are all different in their own ways. Therefore, preparing for it might get you confused and lost. Without a concrete idea of what exactly to study, where to begin, and how to go about the task of preparation always poses a challenge to the students. In this article, we have already discussed ‘what to study’ and now let's discuss ‘how to prepare’. The article is going to assist you in your preparation by providing a stepwise method that will help you to prepare home science for CUET in a better manner. The stepwise detailed study plan is discussed below:

Step 1: Go through the syllabus minutely, and follow up with some sample questions from different sources. This will give you a brief idea about the content of the syllabus as well as the importance/weightage of each unit. A preparation plan based on these details will always be more effective.

STEP2: It’s important to identify your strengths and weaknesses. That will assist you in planning your schedule/timetable in a better and more structured fashion. A suitable plan helps you to cover all the units and subunits well on time and leave some time for practice and revision as well.

STEP 3: When you have covered all the details and variables regarding the exam, it's time for the most important task(study). Punctuality and consistency with your studies are very crucial to your preparation that will help you to follow the timetable properly. You should not compromise on your study sessions. Keep your approach focused and goal-oriented.

STEP 4: Make revisions, it is compulsory. The revision adds the extra polish that your preparation needs, and ensures that all the topics are thoroughly covered. Take the mock test, it will test your preparation level, and make you exam-ready. This will also give you a brief idea regarding time management on actual exam day. There is no better way to get an exam feeling than through a mock test.

All through your preparation journey, always remember to eat, sleep, and rest well. We don’t often talk about it as we do about other things, but it's equally important. A healthy body and mind are necessary conditions for any kind of exam preparation.

When you are sitting in any competitive entrance exam, a confident mindset and a positive approach are very important. The more you revise, solve sample question papers, and give mock tests, it will positively contribute to your confidence. This will positively help you in committing to your full potential on the actual exam day. Prepare home science for CUET with dedication, and with your consistent effort excellence won’t be far from your reach.

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