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CUET sociology syllabus: The National Testing Agency is entrusted with the responsibility of conducting the CUET exam. It has already announced the important dates (exam and application form) for CUET 2023. All the students aspiring to take admission to any UG course, with sociology as their subject have to go through the sociology syllabus for CUET and appear for the test. Admissions to 90+ participating universities (including 44 central universities, like DU, BHU, JNU, and AU) will be granted on the basis of the CUET scorecard of the candidate only. The NTA has already released the subject-wise detailed syllabus on the official website. The same CUET sociology syllabus has been discussed in detail here. Aspiring candidates are advised to go through it properly and download the sociology syllabus for CUET to start preparing for the exam.

The exam will give an equal and common opportunity to all students across the country. But, with the nature of being a centralised exam, the expected competition is going to be very tough (approximately 20 lacs applications are expected). To score good marks in the CUET and achieve excellence, thorough planning of how to prepare sociology for CUET and able guidance is required. In this article, we are going to discuss the sociology syllabus for CUET in detail. Also, the exam pattern and other important CUET details will be provided.

Few important details about CUET 2023:

  • CUET will be a gateway to 90+ Universities, for UG admissions.
  • The medium of instruction in CUET will be available in multiple (13 different) languages.
  • NTA has officially announced that the sociology syllabus for CUET will include the whole NCERT syllabus from class 12th standard.

Now let us go through the detailed sociology syllabus for CUET 2023.

Sociology syllabus for CUET 2023

Sociology is a study of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. The subject is very interesting and will help you to see and understand things differently. There are a total of 10 chapters in the sociology syllabus for CUET. Each chapter has its individual sub-chapters and all are interconnected to one another. It is very important that you go through all the units and subunits with full attention so that you don't miss anything. The detailed syllabus is given in the table below.

CUET sociology syllabus 2023:

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Structure of Indian Society

• Introducing Indian Society: Colonialism, Nationalism, Class, and Community.

• Demographic Structure.

• Rural-Urban Linkages and Divisions.


Social Institutions: Continuity and Change

• Family and Kinship.

• The Caste System.

• Tribal Society.

• The Market as a Social Institution.


Social Inequality and Exclusion

• Caste Prejudice, Scheduled Castes, and Other Backward Classes.

• The marginalization of Tribal Communities.

• The Struggle for Women’s Equality.

• The Protection of Religious Minorities.

• Caring for the Differently Abled.


The Challenges of Unity in Diversity

• Problems of Communalism, Regionalism, Casteism, and Patriarchy.

• Role of the State in a Plural, and Unequal Society.

• What We Share.


Process of Social Change in India

• Process of Structural Change: Colonialism, Industrialisation, Urbanisation.

• Process of Cultural Change: Modernization, Westernisation, Sanskritisation, Secularisation.

• Social Reform Movements and Laws.


Social Change and the Polity

• The Constitution as an instrument of Social Change.

• Parties, Pressure Groups, and Democratic Politics.

• Panchayati Raj and the Challenges of Social Transformation.


Social Change and the Economy

• Land Reforms, the Green Revolution, and Agrarian Society.

• From Planned Industrialisation to Liberalisation.

• Changes in the Class Structure.


Arenas of Social Change

• Media and Social Change

• Globalization and Social Change


New Arenas of Social Change

• Media and Social Change.

• Globalization and Social Change.


Social Movements

• Class-Based Movements: Workers, Peasants.

• Caste-Based Movements: Dalit Movement, Backward Castes, Trends in Upper Caste Responses.

• Women’s Movements in Independent India.

• Tribal Movements.

• Environmental Movements.

Once you go through these 10 chapters in detail, you will have a thorough idea of the sociology syllabus for CUET 2023. Another crucial thing from a preparation point of view is knowing the exam pattern. It clears many doubts regarding the exam as well as makes the task of strategy making easier. Once you are clear with these things, you can plan for an ideal strategy on how to prepare sociology for CUET 2023.

Exam pattern of Sociology for CUET 2023

The NTA has announced the detailed exam pattern for CUET 2023 on its official website. The exam pattern for sociology includes information regarding the marking scheme, exam duration, question type, total marks, and so on. This enriches the wholesome knowledge of the aspirants regarding the exam and helps them on how to prepare sociology for CUET well.

The detailed exam pattern is mentioned below:

After going through all the necessary details regarding the sociology paper for CUET, let us now discuss the most important, i.e. how to prepare sociology for CUET? This article is now going to discuss a few effective tips and a brief preparatory plan to assist you with your preparation.

How to prepare sociology for CUET 2023?

Sociology is a very conceptual and understanding-oriented subject. To prepare thoroughly, you must have a broad and critical mind. To succeed and score well, you need to prepare for the subject thoroughly. Each unit and its subunits are equally important, and you shouldn’t miss out on anything. Following are a few important preparation tips for sociology.

Preparation tips for sociology:

(i) Your expertise over it.

(ii) Importance/weightage it holds in the actual exam.

Brief preparation strategy for sociology:

Apart from following the above mentioned tips, you need to put a few things straight and make a proper preparation plan. A preparation plan helps you in many ways, it keeps you disciplined, checks on your regularity, makes you punctual, and above all, it ensures that you are on the right track and keeps you motivated. Mentioned below are a few strategies that you might find helpful in your preparatory journey of sociology for CUET.

Setting up a timetable: Going through the syllabus and exam pattern, now the only thing remaining is making an appropriate timetable. One that suits you the best and enhances your learning abilities. The main importance of a timetable is to discipline your approach and check your regularity. Timetable ensures that you read with full concentration and with consistency. Preparing and following a particular timetable with punctuality is the only way you can complete the whole CUET syllabus for sociology in time.

Resources: The sociology syllabus for CUET is class 12th syllabus specific. But, to get an extra edge over it, you might feel tempted to read and prepare from other sources too. Select the secondary sources very wisely. Ensure that it is authentic, original, and in no way misleading. One wrong step might jeopardise all your preparation efforts. Therefore, it is always advised to look out for expert guidance. Keep your focus on the goal and invest your efforts in the right direction.

Proper value of your Time: With a short time remaining for CUET, it is paramount that you understand the importance of time and value it. The schedule is going to be hectic and you have to learn to adapt. Failing to manage your time will mean that you won't be able to finish the syllabus on time. You should have the required enthusiasm and energy to continue with the same intensity for the last few weeks, that's all the time you have.

Practice and revise thoroughly: This comes at the last and is most essential to your preparation. Your preparation is never complete until you go through these two steps. After you complete the syllabus for the first time, it is necessary that you revise it for a second time, it also ensures that you have covered it thoroughly. Practice also introduces you to the actual exam kind scenario where you get to feel a near the actual exam kind of experience. Most importantly, you should always practice last year's question paper, sample practice paper, and mock test to practice for the final exam.

Adherence to this methodical approach in a dedicated fashion can ensure your success in CUET 2023. Do not forget your weak areas and don’t stop polishing them to make further improvements. Also, remember to eat and sleep well. You can not let yourself fall sick and lose valuable time.

This is a detailed analysis of the sociology syllabus for CUET 2023 and the required approach or strategy to crack CUET in this specific subject. Once you start your preparation, always keep in mind that you have to be syllabus-specific and consistent in your approach. Stop losing any more time, follow the steps and strategies described in this article and start formulating your plan on how to prepare sociology for CUET. It is always better to be ahead than late.

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