14-month plan to ace CUET 2024

Aspiring to get into your dream university for UG, with the course of your desire? Then, CUET 2024 is your chance to do just that. It is the only gateway to 140+ universities (including 46 central universities, such as DU, BHU, JNU, JMI, etc.) across the country. The competition in CUET will be unparalleled, and you will need to put your best foot forward in terms of CUET 2024 preparation.

One crucial aspect of staying ahead with your CUET 2024 preparation is starting early. This will allow you to analyze all the aspects of preparation properly; prepare better to face the stiff competition; and succeed.

Join this brief and insightful webinar to get familiarized with the essential aspects of CUET 2024. Our CUET mentor will discuss and explain the exam pattern, syllabus, and list of participating universities in detail. A brief and step-wise plan/strategy for CUET 2024 preparation will also be discussed. Attend the webinar till the end to understand CUET 2024 and how to ace your preparation.

In this webinar, our UG expert will cover

  • CUET 2024 exam pattern
  • Detailed syllabus for CUET 2024
  • List of participating universities
  • Strategy for CUET 2024 preparation
Session Details

March 19, 2023

11:00 hrs

Aditya Ved Narayan

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Speaker details

Aditya Ved Narayan

UG Expert & Trainer

Aditya Ved Narayan is an alumnus of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (University of Delhi). He is an enthusiastic individual with rich experience in mentoring students for UG education. Aditya understands the opportunities and challenges that CUET brings for students.

14-month plan to ace CUET 2024