Stream Selection after Class Xth

The stepping stone to a prosperous future is often laid down when you are in classes 11th & 12th. These are the two most-crucial academic years, which have a deep and long impact on the options and opportunities you will have in the future. That is why you need to be careful and decisive while choosing your stream after class Xth. And, while doing so, you need to put equal emphasis on a thoughtful analysis of all the options you have, where your true interest lies, and, most importantly, what would prove to be the best choice for you.

Join this thorough and insightful session, where our UG expert will discuss in detail the basis for selecting a stream and the importance of making the right choice. Why the aptitude, personality, and interest of every student are crucial, will also be discussed in brief.

In this webinar, our UG expert will cover:

  • Why is choosing the right stream important in XI-XII?
  • The basis for selecting a stream
  • Why aptitude, personality, and the individual’s interest matter.
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March 23, 2023

20:00 hrs

Amitendra Kumar

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Speaker details

Amitendra Kumar

UG Expert & Trainer for 17+ years

Amitendra is the Product Head-Undergraduate Entrance Prep Programs and a mentor who loves guiding students towards success by helping them crack the entrance exams. He loves interacting with students and helping them with prep and test-taking strategies to ensure success in entrance exams. An avid reader, Amitendra writes on courses, colleges, and exam strategies, in national dailies and magazines regularly, helping the student community. Amitendra believes every student is brilliant and that with the right guidance and mentoring, they can achieve success.

Stream Selection after Class Xth