Digital Marketing Strategist Certification

from University of California-Irvine

Digital Marketing has taken over much of the marketing world and has become one of the ripest and hottest professions of the 21st Century. Career Launcher, in partnership with the University of California-Irvine, brings to you the Digital Marketing Strategist Certification to fulfill your marketing career dreams.

361 Degree Minds (a subsidiary of Career Launcher) is an official training partner and distributor of the University of California-Irvine's Digital Marketing Strategist Certification course . By enrolling for this program, you will become internationally certified by the University of California from the comfort of your home.

  • Duration: 175 Hours
  • Learning Mode: Online
  • Eligibility: No prerequisite required
  • USD 3400

Reasons why you should choose this exciting course

Become an internationally certified Digital Marketing Strategist

Why get certified locally, when you can become an internationally certified Digital Marketing Strategist? With this certification, you will become lingual in the art and science of digital marketing with a certification of international eminence.

Get certified from the University of California - Irvine

Ranked No.9 among Public universities, and No.1 among Research Universities; the University of California - Irvine is a top rated university which has produced 3 Nobel laureates.

Get an international certification at a budget

The Digital Marketing Strategist Certification is offered by the University of California-Irvine to its students at $4,765. The same course is offered at a fraction of the price by Career Launcher.


Overview of Digital Marketing

Introduction to Internet Marketing

Online Measurement & Analytics

Online Acquisition

Online Conversion

Online Retention

Social Media Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Social Media and Internet Audience Profiling


Breaking your audience down

Research and Impact

Evaluating Research, Identifying Net Promoters and Fine-Tuning the Persona

Predictive Analytics & Real-Time Social

Breaking your audience down

Bringing it all together

Online Analytics & Measurement

Introduction to key Web Analytics principles and terminology.

Analysis for outcome

Qualitative Data & Testing

Competitive analysis and benchmarking.

Advanced analytics principles.

Analytics Vendor Selection and Managing Management

Competitive analysis and benchmarking.

Developing a Social Media Strategy

Introduction | Social Media Basics | Strategy Overview

Buy-in & Culture | Goals & Objectives | Resources | SM Usage | SWOT Analysis

Target Audience | Market Research | Keywords | Monitoring/Listening

Branding | Social Media Voice/Persona

Content & Engagement |Social Media Categories & Channels

Social Media Policy| Conversion | Measuring & Execution

Mobile Marketing

Introduction to Mobile Marketing

Understanding and Profiling Your Audience

Mobile Websites

Mobile Applications

Mobile Acquisition and Promotion

Conversion and Retention Using Mobile Marketing

Conversion and Retention Using Mobile Marketing

Online Video Marketing

Basic video marketing strategy

Basic video production techniques

Effective & Viral Videos

Monetise videos Setting up YouTube channel

YouTube analytics & Brand Channels

Case Studies: You tube best practices

Basic Analytics to measure video success

Content Marketing

Course Introduction what is content marketing?

Content marketing examples

Content marketing steps to success

The Business Case: Journey & Audience

Content types, storytelling and plan

Channels, Promotion & Technology



An awardee of the Congressional Recognition for outstanding leadership in the field of Internet Marketing by the United States Congress, Jess Marcoux is a distinguished name in the area of marketing. He is also a recipient of the Impact Award for Educational Content & Promotion Webinar in Internet Marketing. His expertise in the field of Demand Generation, Content Marketing, Social Selling, Predictive Marketing, Customer Experience, CX, Branding, Strategy, etc, makes him an excellent mentor in the field of digital marketing.


Sr.PM, SaaS Growth & Viral Adoption

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Mirna Bard is a recipient of the Distinguished Instructor Award by University of California, Irvine; and a two time nominee of the 16th and 17th Annual Women in Business Award. She is the top 100 social media influencers of 2016, and has worked with numerous high profile brands since 1996 like Taco Bell, Washington Mutual, Hilton Hotels, Taylor Made, Toshiba, Hoag Hospital, Kawasaki, BNI, Guess, Gem Institute of America, and many more. Her experience as an expert marketer and a distinguished instructor makes her one of the fittest and most sought-after mentors to learn from in 2019.


Instructor at UC Irvine since 2010

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Course Key Features

Certificate from the University of California-Irvine

University of California - Irvine is a top rated university. Ranked No.9 among Public universities, and No.1 among Research Universities; it has produced 3 Nobel laureates.

Training Methodology

This course involves recorded live session. Along with live classes, the course has industry catalyzers, opinion polls, observers and self-assessments.

Industry-relevant Projects

During the course, you will enjoy the privilege of working on industry relevant projects which will give you maximum exposure in the knowledge and practice of digital marketing

Industry Connect

We will connect you to key stakeholders in the Digital Marketing Industry which will help you in terms of career networking and professional progress.

Case Studies

Get hands-on exposure to case studies to become well versed in the trends and practices of Digital Marketing with this unique program.

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About the University of California-Irvine:

The University of California, Irvine, is a public research university located in Irvine, Orange County, California, United States. Ranked No.9 among Public universities and No.1 among Research Universities, UCI has produced 3 Nobel laureates. Choose this program to get certified from an internationally reputed Nobel Laureate producing university.
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