How to prepare for JEE?

Joint Entrance Exam i.e. JEE for engineering entrance is considered to be one of the most difficult exams in the world. Every year around 15Lakh students fight for some 5,000-10,000 seats in the IITs. Competition is definitely tough, but the reward is huge and unmatched with any other thing.

This is that one exam which unites the students from all economic strata. All of them, whether rich or poor, consider this exam as a future prospect for a better and more satisfactory life. This is the beauty of JEE, where sheer intelligence and hard work is needed. There is no shortcut to clear this exam.

Before proceeding to JEE Preparation. You should know about the details and the pattern of the exam. If you don't know, please first visit the link below.

JEE Exam Analysis

Now that you know about the exam. Here is some in-depth analysis about what the exam is all about.

What is conceptual understanding and how to build concepts?

Now before proceeding to the JEE preparation part. I think you need more clarity about what we actually mean by 'Concepts' (since I have emphasized on this a lot) and why so much emphasis is given to it.

Many times during the JEE Preparation, we ask what different are toppers doing? All of us have the same books, same material, similar teachers. Then where is the difference? Friends, difference is in the conceptual understanding. Keep working on it right from the start.

JEE Preparation

DNow that our basic concepts are at place, let's move forward to the JEE Preparation part. For JEE Preparation you need to focus on the following-

These were some insights to the JEE Preparation.

JEE Coaching

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Keep doing the hard work. All the best.