6 Reasons why you should take up JEE Main Test Series before appearing for JEE?

About JEE Main Test Series

NTA's decision to conduct JEE Main exam twice annually and in online mode has left XII Standard students on unfamiliar terrain. If you are wondering how to perform well in JEE Main CBT, you are not alone. The biggest obstacle that students will feel while giving online tests is to stay focused and perform well at the same time. This can definitely be overcome if you have sufficient practice, and expert mentors. So, you should consider practising with JEE Main Test Series. You must practice with a wholesome JEE Main Test Series in online format which will help boost your confidence and achieve a high degree of preparedness.

The first JEE Main window will be open between 6-20 January, 2019. With only 6 months to go, now is the time to practice with JEE Test Series. The academic experts at Career Launcher, India's leading Online Test Prep, have designed these test series for students who will attempt JEE Main in Jan'19.

Online Test Series for JEE Mains by Career Launcher is based on the actual exam pattern with the same level of difficulty of questions as is expected from the JEE. The added advantage is that our JEE Test Series has been re-calibrated and revised in accordance with the latest pattern of JEE exam.

Our IIT JEE Test Series gives you 10 comprehensive full-length mock tests. Out of these, 5 are proctored, which means that the tests are conducted in a simulated environment under invigilation. When you attempt proctored mock, you will face the real-time challenges which occur during the actual exam. When you practice continuously in such a fashion, you will undoubtedly maintain your composure when the actual JEE Main Exams are underway. You will face the exams with more confidence and clarity. The rest 5 mock tests are un-proctored and you can take these from your home, as per your convenience.

You get 90 chapter-wise tests with our online test series for JEE Mains 2019. You can deepen your understanding of any topic from the entire JEE syllabus with our chapter-wise tests. You can attempt and solved JEE Main Question Papers of last 5 years when you go for CL's JEE Online Test Series. Since the JEE aspirants also tend to consider IISc and IISERs as their choice institutes, we have added KVPY papers also as part of the JEE Online Test Series.

The results for all mock tests you take get generated at the national level. You can, therefore, assess your preparation level against lakhs of students and identify your areas of strength and weakness. The results have in-depth analysis with section-wise and topic-wise breakage, so that you can understand what works for you and what doesn't.

We hope that you find this the best test series for JEE Mains. We will give a video analysis of each mock that you take. You can watch CL Experts discuss each proctored mock in detail in the video and learn smart strategies to ace your JEE exam.

In the last decade, we've helped over a million students tackle their fear of taking tests online and now, our focus is on students who will attempt JEE Main in Jan'19. You get 2 attempts in 2019. Make the first one your last, with our competent online test series.

JEE Online Test Series Schedule

CL's IIT JEE Online Test Series comprises of 10 full-length mock tests; out of which 5 are Proctored (taken in simulated conditions under invigilation) and 5 are Unproctored (you can take these tests at home).

Bolster your understanding of different chapters and cement your learning with 90 chapter-wise tests. Based on the actual exam pattern, the questions will have the same difficulty level as the questions asked in the actual JEE Main exam. These will act as the perfect foundation for your preparation.

In addition, you can attempt questions from the last 5 year JEE Main and KVPY exams and familiarize yourself with the exam pattern.

Program Structure of Online Test Series for JEE Mains 2019

Features Number
JEE Main Full Length Tests (Proctored) 5
JEE Main Full Length Tests (Unproctored) 5
Chapter-wise tests 90
JEE Main Previous Years’ Papers 5
Full Length KVPY Tests 5

What Students Say about our Programs

The course helped me in giving appropriate practice for preparation for JEE and securing a good rank. The different concepts helped in developing skill and strategy. The test papers were helpful in giving good insight. I have already recommended this program to my juniors.

Aditya Prajapati

Bal Bharti Public School, Kharghar (Currently studying at IIT, Kharagpur)

I would like to thank all the teachers of CL who helped me throughout my journey. They helped me by guiding me and clearing all my doubts. They helped me in making the concepts crystal clear. The fundamental booklets of CL are very helpful and take-offs proved to be a rich source of problems.

Ashwin Verma

(Rank 183, IIT '13)

Studying at Career Launcher was a great experience, and played a pivotal role in my selection to IIT. My teachers at Career Launcher put in every possible effort. They made sure my basics were crystal clear, and patiently cleared even the silliest of doubts. They gave me valuable tactical advice regarding which topic to study when, from where, and gave me only the best questions to do so that I didn't waste my time doing basic questions repetitively. They understood my pattern of learning, and taught me accordingly; never forcing or pressurizing me to do anything.

Rishabh Malviya

(Rank 490, IIT '13)

The faculty members have helped me whenever I required their help. The support that they provided was fabulous.

Kumar Rajput

(AIR 131, IIT '10 and AIR 773, AIEEE '10)

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