Right Mindset For JEE Preparation

Had anyone asked the most important thing for JEE preparation other than studying, it would be the right frame of mind and a positive mindset. A positive mindset and a healthy brain are the fundamental things that aspirants usually ignore during examinations, especially during a competitive exam like the Joint Entrance Examination.

History is evidence of the fact that students time and again do well only after they are more focused during the tough contest rather than stressing their brain. At the end of the preparation, you must be able to visualize that the more you are focused and have the best positive attitude the better you score.

A positive mindset can single-handedly take you across the line from an underachiever to the one who achieves more than he/she had prepared for. Achieving more than what you have prepared might sound a bit ambiguous and vague. But right from the moment you start focusing on the mindset, you are able to apply your knowledge to the questions actually appearing in the paper. The thoughts from your mind surface to the paper and you seem to apply all your knowledge acquired from the textbooks and lectures.

Why Do We Score Lower Than What We Expect?

How often have you noticed people taking time to do petty calculations at the shop you are standing by and the shopkeeper has a better calculating speed than the individual standing over there applying the unitary method to find per unit price of the commodity and then multiplying it to the quantity he brought to arrive at the amount he owes to the shopkeeper.

Have you ever asked yourself why this happens? Why is it that a vendor who is less qualified than you has a better command over his calculations? Some might say that the shopkeeper is involved in the business throughout the day and has by-hearted that and has no link to his academic qualification. This is absolutely true. A similar argument could be that the shopkeeper is not deviated by so many of those thoughts which you have. He has a mindset which is focused on handling his business and he is more concentrated on that rather than thinking about something else.

You might have also noticed that shopkeepers tend to make errors when there is too much of a rush on the shop and he has to attend so many customers at a time. In this instance:

  • He has to handle a number of customers and hence calculations. His brain has to do a lot more work than it had to if it was only one customer.
  • He has a pressure situation where he has to attend to another customer leaving the current customer as soon as possible.
  • He has a constraint of not making erroneous calculations.
  • Added to it, he has a sense of glee at the back of his mind eying the profit at the end of the day.

Similar is the case while writing a JEE answer sheet. The moment you get the question paper, there are so many questions and the brainstorming starts and it ends only at the very moment you finally submit the paper. Meantime, our brain is in a situation similar to a shopkeeper:

  • Handling so many different questions and concepts.
  • In a pressure situation where you are required to quickly solve the questions within the given time.
  • Can't make erroneous calculations.
  • The sense of glee of marking the correct choice as the answer.

So, What Can Be A Positive Mindset?

The parallelism drawn between the shopkeeper and a student answering a JEE paper can help you realize what would be the right mindset to tackle the situation.

Our brain is a very complex machine but it operates just the way our body does. We feel tired in a less amount of time when we are multitasking and our efficiency in each of the tasks decreases. This can be attributed to the fact that the moment we have so much of work to do at hand, but our brain is only able to focus on one thing at a time. And the moment we tend to burden it with so many activities, it agrees to do the task but not quite efficiently.

The efficiency of each of the works gradually decrease and might lead to a complete shutdown like the smartphone which you generally use. Whenever we switch to heavy games and applications on the device, the performance decreases and they need some extra effort to run those applications. Also not each and every smartphone is able to perform well for every application.

There is already so much to think during the paper, thousands of concept, an enormous amount of data in the question, where we need to pin down only the most useful of them, you must not think too many things which won't help you solve any question.

Don't deviate yourself with the what if and buts before the paper. These suppositions leave you in the midst of things and are never conclusive enough. Take a drink of cold water, breathe long and deep make yourself comfortable enough to deal with for the next three hours. The positive mindset comes only with a positive attitude. Have a plan ready for the areas you are going to target in the paper and do not leave any stone unturned to get the most out of that section. After all, not everyone is an ace in all of the fields. Try to channelize your energy and score in your area of comfort and confidence. Don't be toiled by too much of pressure to score. Have a belief in yourself that you have devoted two important years of your life preparing for the same and it's the time to deliver them all here. Have a cool and composed head and solve each and every question with an altogether new level of enthusiasm even in case the previous question was unsolved. Not all the questions are tough and the previous one might have been of a different level. Focus on this question and get the best out of your efforts with this question.

The right mindset would definitely help you pave your way through success and make the most of the opportunity and get into the world after clearing the JEE with flying colors.

Harshita Srivastava
IIT Kanpur
13 September 2019