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Certified Financial Technician (CFTe)

CFTe is a professional course accredited by International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). This is a two levels course for finance professionals. CFTe exams test technical knowledge, skills, ethical standards, and market understanding. The course teaches Algorithmic trading and how the technical analysis is impacted by the same. IFTA has member societies in multiple countries and the CFTe exams are conducted in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. The average pass percentage is over 70%. The course is designed for self-study. You do not need to be a member of IFTA to take the CFTe exams.

Common job titles include

  • Technical Analyst
  • Banker
  • Portfolio manager, etc.

CFTe Level I:

This level consists of 120 multiple choice questions covering a varied array of technical understanding. The questions at this level does not test actual experience.

CFTe I exam is offered year-round through IFTA’s examination provider Pearson VUE. Candidates can choose the date, time, and location of the exam when they register through the Pearson VUE site. Results are declared immediately upon completion of the examination.

CFTe Level II:

This exam comprises of questions requiring essay-based analysis and answers. The exam provides several current charts covering a particular market (mostly equity) to be analysed. To clear this level, the candidate needs to have a depth of knowledge and experience of applying various technical analysis methods.

CFTe II examinations are held twice annually, in April and October. Results are released from six weeks to three months following the examination. CFTe II exams are conducted in major cities around the world. However, if you are requesting for a non-IFTA proctored exam location, you will have to pay additional fees. IFTA attempts to accommodate any exam location request.

There is no fixed time limit, but candidates are expected to complete the CFTe certification in two years.

Cost Structure

CFTe Syllabus

CFTe covers topics such as methods of charting, moving averages, Elliot Wave Theory, Candle charts and patterns, etc. For detailed syllabus, click here.

After registering for the exam, you can download the study material from the official website of IFTA. IFTA website also provides several mock test options for the candidates to practice before the main examination. It is strongly recommended to solve these mock tests to pass the exam in the first attempt. Since CFTe is a self-study program, IFTA also provide a study guide to help the candidates about the study pattern of this course. The study materials are updated by IFTA on a regular basis. Because it is a written examination and Level II includes essay writing of analysis along with charts and diagrams, it requires a lot of writing practice.