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FRM Exam Calendar

Risk management is increasing with areas such as technology, geopolitical, and pandemic risks now creating increasing challenges to businesses. FRM certification symbolizes your in-depth understanding and ability of creating efficient strategies for mitigating the risks that the businesses face. FRM is the most sought-after designation among finance professionals aspiring to build a career in risk management.

2020 Registration and FRMĀ® Exam Dates

2021 Registration and FRMĀ® Exam Dates

GARP has introduced several changes in the exam format of FRM scheduled for the year 2021. Major changes include:

  • Along with the standard May and November testing cycles, a new July Exam will be scheduled for FRM Exam Part I. For Part II, Exams will be offered in May (paper and pencil) and December (Computer Based Test format).
  • FRM Exams will be taken CBT format in 2021, except for the May Part II Exam, which will remain paper and pencil but will transition to CBT in December.
  • Exams will be delivered within windows to accommodate CBT and provide the candidates with more exam scheduling choices and greater flexibility to accommodate their individual schedules.

Registration for the 2021 FRM May and July Exams will begin on December 1, 2020. GARP will offer an early and standard registration window for each exam date.

2021 FRM Exam Schedule:

Part I (all CBT)

  • May 8-21
  • July 10-23
  • November 13-26

Part II

  • May 15 (paper and pencil)
  • December 4-10 (CBT)