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Why pursue the CFA Exam

For people who are interested in a finance career and are looking for certifications that will provide an in- depth understanding of financial concepts and offer global recognition, CFA designation is the right choice. Th program comprises of three levels of exams and requires four years of relevant work experience in order to be eligible for becoming a CFA charterholder. Getting the charter may seem to be a demanding process but the boost it gives to your career makes the hard work worthwhile. It will open a world full of opportunities before you. Therefore, if you are wondering why pursue CFA exams, following benefits may help you take the decision:

Better job prospects

CFA charterholders are employed by top investment banks, asset managers and even accounting firms. CFA charter demonstrates dedication, ability, analytical skills, and ethical grounding required for several roles like portfolio managers, research analysts, risk managers, financial advisors, etc. There are many areas in the finance sector where CFA designation is a must. Be it Fintech, Alternative investment, Foreign exchange, Buy side and sell side research, Asset management, CFA charterholders are given preference by the employers. The direction and growth that the charter provides to financial career by establishing your credibility among top employers explains why you should pursue CFA exams.

Common job functions of CFA charterholders include:

  • Portfolio management
  • Asset management
  • Research
  • Consulting
  • Investment Banking and Commercial Banking
  • Risk analysis and risk management
  • Investment strategy
  • Relationship management and wealth management
  • Credit analyst
  • Chief Investment Officer

Global recognition

CFA charter is one of the most well-known professional qualifications in the world of finance. It offers career mobility to the charterholders and irrespective of the country from where they have earned their charter, it helps them to be recognized favorably in the hiring process of financial services firms worldwide. CFA Institute has a global network of over 167,000 charterholders. It offers access to unmatched career prospects and networking opportunities. Global recognition as the gold standard in the areas of investment analysis is one of the most important reasons why graduates as well as professionals from all over the world pursue the CFA exams.


As compared to other finance courses, CFA charter can be obtained with just $2,550 (assuming early registration for all levels). The early registration fee is USD 700, Standard registration fee is USD 1000 and Late registration fee is USD 1450 for each of the three levels. The cost also depends upon the study materials that are purchased and the number of attempts that one has taken to clear the exams. The reason why many finance professionals pursue CFA is because it does not require the candidates to quit their jobs. It is a better choice for individuals who do not have the resources or time to go through a full-time program in a top-tier university as it provides similar levels of career prospects in the financial services industry.

Enhances knowledge base

The modules of CFA institute are detailed and constantly updated. Successful completion of all the three levels indicate extensive financial knowledge. Relevant work experience required for earning the charter also acts as a credential that a candidate has successfully applied the knowledge to real life scenario. CFA program extensively covers the concepts related to finance and investment fields. Candidates are well versed with topics like corporate finance, fixed income, portfolio management, etc. that are required for working in the finance industry. The curriculum provides thorough coverage of global markets and is designed to prepare the candidate for a wide spectrum of internationally offered profiles in finance.

Makes your CV stand out

Apart from the educational benefits that an individual reaps from the course, the charter helps them to stand out clearly on the CV, enhancing their chances of getting selected for relevant positions. It also helps in getting more attractive pay packages from top financial firms globally.

Inclusion of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the syllabus

CFA Institute has included topics such as Fintech that will shape the future of financial industry. Inclusion of Big Data or analytics will equip the candidates with the latest trends and skills that will ultimately help them land in jobs with better remunerations and growth prospects. Future age finance jobs include blockchain developers, data scientists, financial modelling using artificial intelligence, etc. Now that you are aware of the reasons why you should pursue CFA, have a look at how to become a CFA and understand the requirements and step by step process of becoming a CFA charterholder.