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Our Teaching Pedagogy

NCERT Syllabus

We largely follow the NCERT Syllabus of class IX/X

Additional Topics

Along with the NCERT syllabus, we focus on additional topics for scholarship exams like NTSE, Olympiads, Homi Bhabha, etc.


Regular mentoring by our esteemed Mentors from IIT's, IIM's, & Top Engineering Colleges

Our Esteemed Mentors

Ganapati Gedala
Ganapati Gedala

IIT – Mumbai
Faculty:- Chemistry
Teaching Experience;- 10 years

Avinash Nene
Avinash Nene

IIT, BHU Varanasi
Faculty:- Physics
Teaching Experience:- 18 Years

Bhaskar Jha
Bhaskar Jha

IIT- BHU Varanasi
Faculty:- Physics
Teaching Experience:- 10 Years

P. N. Venkata Anudeep
P. N. Venkata Anudeep

MSC- IIT Kanpur & Ph.D.- IIT Kharagpur
Faculty:- Chemistry
Teaching Experience:- 5 Years

Saikumar Gavvala
Saikumar Gavvala

PG. Maths:- (UOH)
Faculty:- Mathematics
Teaching Experience :- 11 Years

Sahili Atul Deshpande
Sahili Atul Deshpande

MSC, Microbiology, B.Ed.
Faculty:- Biology
Teaching Experience :- 8 Years

Rajeev Ranjan
Rajeev Ranjan

IIT- Mumbai
Faculty :- Physics
Teaching Experience :- 16 years

Venkata Balakrishna
Venkata Balakrishna

NIT Rourkela
Faculty:- Mathematics
Teaching Experience:- 10 Years

Shiva Kumar ( Shivku)
Shiva Kumar

Chief Academic Officer (Career Launcher)
IIT Madras, IIM C
Faculty:- Mathematics
Teaching Experience: 20 Years

Gautam Bawa (GB)
Gautam Bawa

BSC - St. Xavier, Kolkata
IIM C Alumnus
Teaching experience: 6+ Years

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Class Schedule for Foundation Program

Why Study with Us?

Regular Online Classes

Cover your syllabus well in advance with a regular flow of live online classes.

DPP Homework

Daily Practice Problems to assist you in improving past topics and master the current topics, both at the same time.

Strategic Sessions

Well strategized sessions on How to Attempt Papers and devising the right strategy of revision or learning process to boost your scores in exams.

Regular Mock Test with Drill Down Analysis

Regular monthly mock tests to aid you categorize your strengths along with comprehensive test analysis.

Best Teaching Methodology @ Home

No need to rush away from home, sit, and learn from the comfort of your couch with the assistance of our exceptional and outstanding faculty.

Recorded Lectures

Worried about missing a class or want to rework a topic later? Recorded lectures will be available for you with unlimited access for an entire year.

What do we provide?


Expert Mentors

Study under the guidance and direction of our excellent faculty who are experts in their respective fields.


Regular tests

Benefit from regular weekly and monthly tests. Also, practice full-length mock tests for NTSE, Homi Bhabha, Olympiads, etc.


Drill-down Test Analysis

A complete analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and know your scope for improvement lies.


Chat with instructor

Online live classes are provided with on the spot doubt clearance, and 24x7 doubts support.


Minimum Cost*

Now start your Foundation preparation, learn and excel with a minimal cost*

About Foundation Online Course

Program Structure

With the changing technical and job scenario it become imminent that one starts understanding the concepts at a higher level to bridge the gaps effortlessly in XI & XII

Why studying at foundation (higher concepts & application-oriented approach) level in Class IX & X is crucial?

Class IX:

  • Foundation of Class XI
  • Tougher than Class X
  • Thoughts on stream selection after Class X begin to gather momentum

Class X:

  • Foundation of Class XI/XII
  • Competitive exams like NTSE and Olympiads
  • Selection of stream

The building blocks of XI & XII starts from class IX & X

The difference is in the level of difficulty and rigour followed in programs for preparation and what is followed in the school. The pace and sequence followed by schools, and the exams conducted, add to this pressure.

At CL, we are well aware of this scenario. Hence, we have integrated the solution to this problem into the program design and structure. We follow a step-wise learning methodology.


The Foundation curriculum is designed specifically for two purpose

  • As a pre-cursor learning for higher science and mathematics in class XI-XII
  • Preparation of scholarship examinations like NTSE, Olympiads, Homi Bhabha etc.

The Foundation 1yr Classroom (IX/X) program will broadly follow the NCERT Syllabus of class IX/X respectively. This will be in conjunction with certain additional topics important from the perspective of scholarship exams like NTSE, Olympiad, Homi Bhabha etc.

Class- X: Science, Mathematics, Social Science and Logical reasoning

Class- IX: Science, Mathematics and Logical reasoning

Courseware and Study Material

The courseware has been designed keeping in mind the purpose of foundation program as explained above. Higher level of concepts has been covered. Topics have been picked up broadly and will be taught in details in the classroom lectures. There are plenty of problems to be solved after each and every chapter. Answer key and solution to every problem is also compiled chapter wise.

The details of study materials are as given below:

Class X:

  • Total of 9 booklets
  • Foundation Booklets: 1 to 5 (Mathematics and Science)
  • Stumper Booklet: 2 volumes
  • Logical reasoning: 1
  • Social Science: 1
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Career Launcher Foundation course is designed by a team of experts for class 9th & 10th students who want to crack NTSE, Homi Bhabha, Olympiad, and KVPY exams in the future. This course module covers the entire topics of class 9th & 10th Math and Science, which helps students to score excellent marks in school exams and lays a strong foundation for several entrance exams. Students will be taught basic and advanced concepts, problem-solving strategies, time management.

We prepare students for below-mentioned exams under this course module:

  • School Exams
  • NTSE
  • Homi Bhabha
  • Olympiads

Yes, the enrolled students will get access to all the recorded classes for future reference so the students may polish their past topics. These recorded classes will also play a major role in covering the daily topics if a student misses the class.

Yes, all the enrolled students will be provided e-books to make their experience easier.

CL pays complete attention to every student through online live classes, because of the smallest batch size every class and test will be analyzed by the experts. Students and parents will be kept in the loop and informed regularly about the performance of the students.

Daily Practice Papers, assessment, feedback and corrective steps are one of the main ingredients of our program. CL will also conduct a total of 5 monthly tests and 3 full-length mock tests to help students prepare for the various entrances exams.

Doubt removal is a continuous process with CL Foundation course, as we wish to prepare every student to the best of their capability. To achieve this goal online live classes are provided with on the spot doubt clearance, and 24x7 doubts support.

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