Fun with Maths Episode-5

Vedic Maths- Part 3

Perform all calculations faster than ever before.

For Parents and their Children (13-15 years)

Gautam Puri,
Co Founder

Have you ever lost marks because your final answer is wrong even when all your steps are correct? Join Career Launcher's Vedic Maths session and make no more silly mistakes! Don't forget to attend this session with at least one parent this Sunday! Hurry, registration is FREE!

16th August, 2020
11.30 AM to 12.30 PM
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Trustee, CLEF

"Based on ancient teachings, Vedic Mathematics is a collection of techniques or sutras discovered by Indian Mathematicians Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja using which problems in mathematics can be solved about 15 times faster than the conventional method"

Our Esteemed Mentors

Shiva Kumar ( Shivku)
Shiva Kumar (Shivku)

IIT Madras & IIM Calcutta

Highly popular among students for his enthusiasm and tutoring approach, Shivku is widely regarded as the brain behind the "CL way" of cracking exams. Thousands of students continue to owe their success in part to Shivku's personal touch.

Gautam Puri
Guatam Puri (GP)

IIM Bangalore

Known for his wit and style. From poor grades in school to India's leading Aptitude Guru, GP sure knows how to make things turn around. Watch him, follow him and learn from him, for, he has all the golden rules you would need to learn to crack the exam.

Gautam Bawa (GB)
Gautam Bawa (GB)

IIM Calcutta

High on energy, numbers and cricket, he will always hold your attention and interest. Learn with GB the art of cracking exams. Watch him solve questions, give whacky solutions and tell you what you need to do. Make sure to make a note of what he has to say.

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Highlights of the session

Eradicate the fear of Maths

Fear Maths no more! With Vedic Maths, you can learn techniques to solve problems quickly and accurately.

Enhance mental agility and sharpness

Vedic Maths provides stimulation to the brain and make it more agile!

Improves visualization and concentration

Vedic Maths techniques improve your visualization and concentration levels aiding your academic performance.

Enhances speed and accuracy

With Vedic Maths, you can calculate up to 15 times faster with minimal margin for error.

Who Should Learn Vedic Maths?
Kids. School Students. College Students

Vedic Maths for Kids

Kids are extremely scared of maths as a subject since it involves long and complex calculations that are difficult to understand and even difficult to solve. Vedic maths will allow the kids to learn maths in fun and games! Learning the concepts of Vedic maths at the tender age would strengthen the foundation of the subject and eradicate the fear of maths that 7 out of 10 kids grow up with.

Vedic Maths for School Students (8th-12th)

Maths is an integral and compulsory part of the school curriculum till Class 10th. In addition to that, most premier UG entrance exams like BBA/IPM/CLAT/HM/JEE have dedicated sections of maths in the form of Quantitative Aptitude. So, if you are already familiar with concepts of Vedic Maths, not only will it help you in your school exams, but will also allow you to have an edge over your peers in competitive exams.

Vedic Maths for College Students

A government job aspirant would sit for exams like SSC CGL/UPSC/Banking exam; an MBA aspirant and plan on to sit for exams like CAT/NMAT/XAT/SNAP; or if you plan to go abroad, you’ll have to face exams like GRE/GMAT/SAT! Now, each of these exams will have a dedicated section of Quantitative Aptitude! If you have an understanding of Vedic Maths, you’ll be able to tackle the quant section of any of these exams very efficiently!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Vedic Maths?

    Vedic Maths is an ancient technique discovered by Indian mathematician Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji who retrieved it from the Vedas. These techniques help in making arithmetic calculations faster. It also finds its application in other important topics of mathematics such as geometry, algebra, calculus, and conics.

  • Does learning Vedic Maths help in academics?

    Yes. Vedic Maths help in making the arithmetic calculations about 10-15 times faster. With practice, you can solve calculations in mind accurately. It helps in making your mind sharp, analytical, and agile which would surely lead to the overall development of your mid.

  • My kid doesn’t enjoy learning maths. Can Vedic maths change it?

    Most kids do not enjoy learning maths due to the complexity of mathematical problems. Vedic maths change that for him/her by introducing a refreshing and interesting approach to solving maths problems.

  • My kid is already good at solving maths problems. Does he need Vedic maths?

    Yes. With the grade, the calculations get trickier. If kids learn Vedic maths at a younger age, they will imbibe the techniques used much more swiftly. These techniques will help him/her remain efficient in maths calculations for all the exams that involve maths including under-grad competitive exams like JEE/BBA/CLAT/IPM, post-grad competitive exams like CAT/GRE/SAT, government job exams like Banking/SSC/UPSC

  • Will this course interfere with my school studies?

    Absolutely not. Vedic maths is an add-on technique that will enhance your overall efficiency of solving maths problems. It will only make you better equipped with alternative and short methods of solving lengthy calculations.

  • Is Vedic maths different from the abacus?

    Yes, it’s an entirely different approach. While abacus is limited to arithmetic calculations, Vedic maths finds its use in different topics of mathematics. Secondly, while abacus involves the use of tools, Vedic maths is a completely mental process that once you command, you will not even need pen and paper.