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Published on 04th September 2023 | 10:30AM

Behind the Scenes: The journey of our franchisees through their testimonial

In the world of education franchises, success stories of triumph shine a light towards shaping young minds. Meet Gejo Sreenivasan, Student Mentor at CL Mumbai, an alumni of IIM, Calcutta to understand how our franchise opportunity can transform lives.

Gejo's journey with us began in August, 2009. With a passion for education, he saw the potential to make a difference in the community along with his business partner, Prashant Kamath. His role as a mentor is to listen to the story of students, dwell deep into it to connect the dots, and bring out its unique elements. His students often refer him to “The Laughing Buddha” & “Yoda - from Star Wars”, because he never lets the stress get to his students, he’s ever ready to listen to their problems.


From the moment Gejo joined our network, he has grown the business five times, not just in terms of the brand, material and all the resources, but also in terms of expertise. He felt the support and guidance that set us apart. Technical know-how, high-quality academic material, expertise in marketing & sales planning, in-house business & management softwares, and ongoing mentorship gave him the tools he needed to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape. 

Gejo's determination bore fruit sooner than expected. One of the many such opportunities was where he trained more than 2,000 students across India through the course known as VARC 1,000. His outlet quickly gained a reputation for its 'out of the box' ideas, quality products, and a welcoming ambiance with his ever empathetic nature.

Reflecting on his journey, Gejo shared, "We had a lot of downs, more downs than probably ups. The good thing is that we have ups now. We grew the business five times and that is thanks to the support that we received, everybody is just one phone call away. They're always there to help us out and strategize with us to help us grow. And I'm thankful that I'm a part of the CL family and I hope to grow more."

As we celebrate franchisees like Gejo, know that by possessing these qualities, you will not only be able to drive the success of your franchisee but also inspire and positively impact the lives of your students. His journey is a reminder that our franchise is not just a partnership; it's a platform for transformation. And together we can revolutionize education and empower the next generation of learners.