March 2024

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Published on 22nd January 2024 | 4:00PM

Amit & Manuj's: CL-Dehradun's journey to the top

Amit Mittal and Manuj Mittal, the dynamic duo behind Career Launcher (CL) in Dehradun, embody the essence of student-centric success. Amit's dedication shines as he deeply understands students and tirelessly ensures exceptional student service. On the other hand, Manuj, an outstanding orator and reliable student counselor, brings immense career knowledge to the table.

Their journey into entrepreneurship started as a distant dream, with Manuj initially sent to CL-Delhi for CAT coaching in 2000. Recognizing the potential for a CL center in Dehradun, the brothers faced a challenge – lacking experience and capital. However, fate smiled upon them when Satya sir said, "We'll take a chance with you," making them the third Business Partner of CL in India.

In 2002, CA Amit Goyal joined their venture, adding another layer of expertise. Today, CL-Dehradun stands tall, enjoying immense brand value and respect in the region's education community. The success story of CL-Dehradun is a testament to the Mittal brothers' determination, the belief of mentors like Satya sir, and the collaborative spirit within the Career Launcher franchise family.

Their journey from a distant dream to a thriving educational hub showcases the power of partnership, mentorship, and the belief in turning aspirations into reality. As they continue to inspire students in Dehradun, Amit and Manuj Mittal's success story resonates as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs within the Career Launcher franchise network.