6 reasons you should not miss out on FRM

The Financial Risk Manager - FRM® certification is the premier designation for professionals who manage risk. Here are the top six reasons why risk managers around the world choose the FRM:

What is Financial Risk Management?

Financial Risk management is one of the key areas in finance domain which deals with quantifying and managing the risk associated with a firm, such as credit risk, market risk, operation risk, enterprise risk, investment risk etc. It finds its relevance in almost all the firms in the world owing to the necessity of making calculated risks in any business. Moreover, the remuneration for the jobs that are offered pertinent to this profile are generally high.

FRM® exam is conducted by US GARP, and the syllabus is designed such that it covers all the tools and systems that are necessary to understand the financial risks involved and a practical way to apply that in real life scenarios.

The exam holds a hefty registration fee and a success rate of about 44%, there by making a structured preparation necessary. Click here to know more about FRM® exam.

Subjects: FRM® Level 1

  • Foundation of Risk Management
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Financial Markets and Products
  • Valuation and Risk Models

Program ideal for

  • Any Graduate
  • MBA/CA Students
  • Professionals and Corporates - IT, Banking Finance & Insurance, Analytics

Tests and Mocks

  • Topic Tests and mocks will be conducted offline
  • Topic wise test to be done on all the topics
  • 3 mock exams to be provided
  • The test mode is offline since the exam is pen and paper based

Course Benefits & Components

Course Benefits

  • Financial Risk Manager Exam - Certified by US GARP
  • Recognized by every major market in the world for risk management
  • The course holistically develops an individual into a risk professional
  • Opens the student to a lot of job opportunities - in India as well as abroad in Investment and Commercial Banks, Asset Management Firms, Hedge funds, Insurance Companies, Security Regulators, Credit Rating firms, etc. Main profiles offered are
    • Risk Manager
    • Risk Analyst
  • Acts as a very good value addition to MBA program and professionals who are working in finance domain


Course Components

  • FRM® Level 1 complete preparation
  • Preparation for exam to be written on 17th November 2018

  • 100-120 hours of classroom + online program (studio 8 beaming)
  • Vast coverage of all the topics
  • Special sessions organised for doubts and discussions
  • Students from all over India can attend the session through the online program

  • Class Timings: 1430 hrs to 1930 hrs (5 Hours)
  • Venue: CP Centre, Or Online


Are you eligible?


Graduates (or post-graduates) with a keen interest in finance; and are looking for a headstart in establishing themselves in an eminent position in the industry. The curriculum of the FRM exam is designed to build the concepts of specialized knowledge; and deals with their practical application in the world economy. Thus, it builds the foundation for tackling real-world problems efficiently.


Those who are seeking a career in investment management; and wish to gain in-depth knowledge on the strategic aspects of risk management. FRM not only deals with N-number of risks, but also the methods to quantify each of those. Becoming proficient in these entails mastery in a rapidly thriving domain of financial services.

For those professionals, who are willing to shift roles to a risk-related one, FRM provides the perfect tool. It generates awareness on the current trends in risk management and international risk-standards. In addition, it helps in benchmarking one’s skills vis-à-vis those of an elite pool of risk managers, which can prove to be a game-changer.

Frequently asked questions

  • Pass the FRM Exam Part I
  • Pass the FRM Exam Part II within 4 years of passing Part I
  • Demonstrate 2 years of professional full-time financial risk management work experience

A candidate demonstrates work experience by submitting a minimum of 4-5 sentences describing his/her professional role in the management of financial risk. The application to submit your work experience must be completed in “My Programs” within your account. The work experience submitted cannot be more than 10 years prior to having passed the FRM Exam Part II. The designation is geared toward practitioners, academic teaching and research in areas relevant to financial risk management can be considered as relevant work experience. Experience completed during school will not be considered, including internships, part-time jobs, or student teaching. A candidate has 5 years to submit his/her work experience after they sat and passed the FRM Exam Part II. If he/she does not, the candidate will have to re-enroll in the program and pay the required fees and retake the FRM Exam Part I and FRM Exam Part II.

Candidates cannot use the FRM designation after their name in any manner until they have been certified.

No, the study materials are not included in the price of the registration. However, GARP has prepared several materials in order to assist you in successfully preparing for the FRM Exams, including a number of materials that are offered free of charge. A list of all study materials offered by GARP include the following:

  • FRM Exam Part I Books (in print and/or digital)
  • FRM Exam Part II Books (in print and/or digital)
  • Practice Exams
  • Learning Objectives
  • Study Guide
  • Changes to the Study Guide from the year prior
  • Candidate Guide
  • 15-Weekly Study Plan


The FRM Exam consists of two parts, Part I and Part II, which are both offered twice a year on the third Saturday of May and the third Saturday of November. Part I is an equally-weighted 100 question multiple-choice Exam offered in the morning of the Exam day, and Part II is an equally weighted 80 question multiple-choice Exam offered in the afternoon of the Exam day. Both Exams are administered in a paper and pencil format.

Part I and Part II each have a maximum allowable time for completion of four hours. It is important to note that Part I and Part II must be passed sequentially. Therefore, while it is possible to sit for both parts of the Exam on the same day, you must receive a passing score on Part I of the Exam before GARP will score your Part II Exam. Most candidates elect to take Part I and Part II on separate Exam administrations.

You should also be aware that the Exams are offered in English only; specifically American English. GARP is aware that not every candidate’s native language is American English. In the exam development process, GARP makes every effort to ensure that questions are written in a clear, concise form and avoids the use of colloquialisms or other terms and phrases that might confuse a non-native American English speaker.

Another consideration for potential candidates is the quantitative aspect of the subject matter. The level of mathematical difficulty of the Exam is consistent with an advanced undergraduate or introductory graduate level finance course at most universities. It should also be noted that while the FRM Exam is conceptual in nature, you will still need to know important formulas and calculations and how to apply them correctly. Formula sheets are not provided with the Exam. For guidance on which formulas to focus on, please refer to the Learning Objectives and look for any statements that include the words ‘calculate,’ ‘compute’ or ‘derive.’ These words will generally indicate an associated formula to commit to memory.

Yes. GARP scholarships cover the cost of the Exam Registration Fee for the FRM Exam Part I and ERP Exam Part I only. Scholarships are not available for the FRM Exam Part II or the ERP Exam Part II. Scholarships are awarded based on merit, and the final decision is at the sole discretion of GARP.

GARP offers scholarships to currently enrolled full-time graduate-level students and university faculty members.

Scholarship applications must be received by GARP as original documents in order to be eligible for consideration for the FRM or ERP Exams. The deadlines are as follows:

  • May Administration - February 28, 2018
  • November Administration - August 31, 2018

Another component of GARP's risk education offerings includes partnerships with various colleges and universities to craft programs that offer rigorous academic instruction aligned with the FRM curriculum. Students who matriculate in such programs can be better prepared to succeed in the challenging field of risk management. More detailed information about GARP's academic partners and the programs they offer can be found on the GARP website.

p>Change your Exam site: Log in into your account and go to "My Programs" and click on the button to change your Exam site. Your must have a paid registration in order to change Exam sites.

Request a new Exam site: If you would like to request a new Exam site, please email us with your suggestions.

Note: The last day to change your Exam site is April 15 (for May Exam) or October 15 (for November Exam), respectively.

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