Exploring Asia for Indian students

The movement of students to foreign countries does not stop with America, Europe and Australia. Indian students are starting to see the wisdom in “looking east” for their further education.

Asia, China, Bahrain and Philippines are considered the major hotspots for educational excellence. However, China and Singapore are expensive cities.

From the budget perspective, Taiwan has thus emerged as a winner in terms of higher education. Taiwan stands as a global rank holder in its management programs. But not a lot of students know about this exciting opportunity. So let’s zoom in on Taiwan and see what makes it worth the pick.

What makes Taiwan ideal for higher studies

Each year, more and more students from around the world go to study in Taiwan for the following reasons:

  • Taiwan Universities are ranked among top universities in Asia for management. 32 in 130 Universities comes in Times Higher Education World University Ranking
  • 5th Most Affordable country to study in: Cost of study in Taiwan in roughly around USD $4300, where-as in India, it is roughly around USD $21,456 p/a.
  • Better return on Investment: Average package offered in Taiwan: USD $35,000 p/a, India top 20 colleges: USD $25,000 p/a
  • Cost of Living: Cost of living in Taiwan is cheap as compared to other developed Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea. Cost of Living in Taiwan on average is around USD $510 only.

Taitung University

  • AACSB accredited.
  • Teaching & Research Oriented University.
  • Close Cooperative education with Tatung Company.
  • Multinational corporation est. 1918 (Comp. hardware/electronics/home appliances)
  • Foreign Students Admission Quota for Master’s: 19

QS Rankings

  • Asian University Rankings: 401 - 450

Program Overview

49 credits of professional course + 4 credit thesis.

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Where Taitung University stands in terms of ranking vis-a-vis Indian Universities:

1)  Top Management Universities in India

Group 1: ISB, IIM-ABC, SP Jain,

and XLRI

5% students

2)    Taitung University
Asian University Rankings: 401 - 450

Group 2: IIFT, Middle IIMs, IITs - B,D,K,R,M


3)    Other Business Schools accredited by AACSB





Why Career Launcher is the best partner for you?

  • Taitung University ranks between Top Indian Business Schools and Lower Indian Business Schools and only 5% students go to top management universities in India.This means that for about 95% students, Taitung University is a much better business school for management aspirants who are unable to get into the top Indian Business Schools.
  • Students in India are unaware of this opportunity.
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