How to prepare for GMAT Video Interview

How to prepare for the GMAT video interview has become a source of quandary for all the GMAT 2020 test takers. GMAT or Graduate Management Admissions Test is a 3. 5-hour long management entrance test which is taken by a large number of candidates worldwide to secure admission in graduate management programs like MBA or Masters in Finance from globally renowned B schools. GMAT scores are accepted by 2300 B-schools all across the globe to pursue 7000 Master’s programmes. 

Since this year GMAT will be conducted in an online proctored mode, odds are in favor of the entire MBA admission process going online. In this article, we will describe some concise tips regarding how to prepare for the GMAT video interview to help you gear up for the online GMAT interview organized by your targeted B school. Apart from tips regarding how to prepare for GMAT video interviews, we will course through some frequently arising doubts of GMAT 2020 test takers MBA video essays, GMAT Test deliverance, student FAQs about GMAT test interviews etc. 

What is a GMAT Video Interview?

MBA institutes the world over have shifted to online admission processes due to the covid-19 havoc. The GMAT video interview is basically the Personal Interview (PI) round which is conducted by the admission committee of a business school to shortlist candidates for various Master’s programmes. The video interview generally can be conducted in two forms: A video essay or a skype/facetime video conference with the admission officials. The video interview is recorded for monitoring purposes.

What to remember while taking the GMAT interview?

 Here are the things you should remember while prepping up for GMAT video interview:

  • You would have 45 minutes to think and frame your answer and 60 seconds to record the answer.

  • Do not look up the internet and mug up the answer. Stay as close to your true self as you can.

  • Do not come up with scripted answers that you have taken off the web.

  • Do brainstorm and heart storm content and fish out the main points. For eg : if you are asked about a personal life difficult situation and how you managed to come out of it, mention your trekking trip to Nepal and the measures you took in view of the safety of your fellow travel group members in a deadly blizzard.

  • Once your brainstormed the content, practice your answers on a loop. Time yourself while answering the question so as to match the rhythm of the interviewer. Also look up for GMAT video interview tips on YouTube, to know more about it.

A generic Strategy Towards GMAT Video Interview Preparation

Before you start preparing for your GMAT video interview, it is critical that you acknowledge MBA interviews on a macro level. This would help you comprehend the more subtle aspects of the GMAT video interview.

The first and the foremost thing that you should keep in mind while preparing for the interview is what impression you want to give of yourself to the interviewer. Your prime focus should revolve on how appropriate is the programme for you and how interested are you to go for it. The answer of both the questions should apprise the interviewer that you are deeply interested to join the b school. This approach stands true not just only for GMAT video interviews but for any other type of online interviews including job interviews,  etc

6-tip strategy to ace GMAT video interview

  1. Do not try to outwit or trick interviewer

  2. Be cordial and respectful towards the interviewers

  3. Maintain a positive, happy and energetic disposition that speaks right about your personality

  4. Never interrupt when your interviewer is prodding you during the MBA interview 

  5. Prepare a list of around 20 giveaways to convey during MBA interviews. It can include your personal as well as professional achievements.

  6. Avoid jargon or short answers during the interview

Why do b-schools ask for MBA video essays?

The main reason behind B-schools asking for admission essays are that it is an inextricable part of the MBA application process where they assess the authenticity of the candidate. This means that the admissions council can directly communicate with the candidate, without any intervention of third party or admission consultants. Here are some of the recorded responses of admission committees of top b-schools such as Rotman, Kellogg and INSEAD to attest the sheer importance of MBA video essay:

University of Toronto’s Rotman School

Kellogg Business School


The video essay permits the concerned admissions team to screen for different personalities, skills and competencies during the shortlisting rounds.

The MBA video essay grants you an added chance to demonstrate what skill sets you have acquired so far and how you will be a fitment for the vibrant Kellogg community – in a highly interactive manner.

The admissions essay is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to share your passions, beliefs, viewpoints, strengths and weaknesses with the admissions council. The members of the same are highly interested in knowing who you really are and to scrutinize the thought procedure of the shortlisted candidate.

The schools usually ask one or more questions with additional time given to candidates to think about them (around 0.5 - 1 minute) and then the candidate is expected to send in the recorded answer.

How to prepare for MBA video essays?

 You must ensure that you deliver all your answers within a single take. While this may sound astonishing, do not stress. Here are some suggestions to boost your confidence and motivation:

1. Ascertain the B school application details:

Before you begin, acknowledge the b school’s information brochure.  Mind the application deadlines I.e the last date of submission of the video essay.

2. Choose a location

Choose a well-illuminated location and adjust it to ensure you have the proper background. Avoid any distraction such as windows, mirrors, walls, furniture etc. Paste a “do not disturb” pamphlet on your room’s door. Put on a clean and comfortable attire to match your personality and also surroundings.

3. Prepare Your Device

Before you press the “record button”, close all the existing apps, except the webcam that you require. If you receive any notification or pop up during the interview essay, ignore it. Keep the gadget fully workable and charged.

4. Practice before recording the final answer 

Go for a final leap of practice by asking a few questions to yourself and evaluate your answers.

5. Keep Calm and get it done

Do not record long answers or jargon. Keep the video short and sweet. Do not stress. It will only make things worse. Remember, every candidate will go through this procedure as an untrained fresher. There is no ideal way to frame answers to the questions because there are no ideal questions in the first place. The interviewer can ask you anything. Relax and improvise according to your own self.

9 most frequently asked questions in a GMAT video interview

  1. Can you tell me something about yourself?

  2. Why do you want to pursue an MBA?

  3. Why do you want to pursue an MBA from our institute?

  4. What are your strengths?

  5. What are your weaknesses?

  6. What are your career goals immediately after MBA?

  7. What is your long-term career goal?

  8. Describe a challenge you faced in your personal or professional life and how did you come out of it?

  9. Have you got any questions for us?

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