How to Prepare for GMAT While Working

Author: Nomi | Published on: January 9, 2019, 5:30 P.M. (IST)

The GMAT Exam is a formidable obstacle that stands in the path of candidates looking to go abroad and boost their careers. However, one thing that bamboozles them is, "How to prepare for GMAT?" This question becomes even more relevant when the candidate is a working professional. They generally have less time on their hands which makes the answer to the question," How to Prepare for GMAT while working?" especially tricky.

In this article, we will give a few tips that will allow the candidate to follow the best GMAT Preparation practices to give them the best chance at beating the GMAT Exam as possible.

Early and Consistent GMAT Preparation

One of the most significant GMAT Preparation practices that the candidate has to follow is the practice of continuous GMAT Preparation from the start. The syllabus of the GMAT Exam is such that it is unlikely that the candidate will run out of questions for GMAT Preparation.

While other daily activities are definitely obstacles, prioritizing the time set aside specifically for GMAT Preparation should not be compromised. Use the time carved out to keep polishing the mathematics and the English skills, which are vital components of GMAT exam.

Keeping The Basics Strong

This is something every GMAT aspirant must be ready with. Regardless of what follows, without clear basics, the GMAT Preparation just will not work. Covering the basics properly massively aids in preparing for GMAT at home. Because of the constrained time (between going for work and coming back), learning the basics by heart, will save a lot of time while attempting to solve the condensed questions in the later stages of preparation. Since GMAT syllabus is based on the fundamental mathematics and verbal concepts of 9th and 10th standard, the trick is to refresh the memory through consistent practice and further adapt tricks of solving questions under the shortest time possible.

Convenient GMAT Preparation Tools For Inconvenient Schedule

In between the travelling and packed office hours, attending classes is a far cry, let alone sit and study. In order to make the best of whatever the situation may be, find convenient study tools that can help you improve your GMAT preparation even during inconvenient hours. There are many online GMAT Preparation tools that you can have access to at any place and at any time. Go through it during lunch break, during the commute, during any free time you can squeeze out. This makes the preparation process half intense amidst the tightly-packed working life.

GMAT Preparation through Mocks

One of the most important and difficult steps during the GMAT Preparation is sticking to the schedule created. One of the steps which needs to be stuck to religiously is practicing mocks on a regular basis. You can initially attempt a blind mock test without any preparation to analyze the amount of time and effort that could be required to ace the GMAT Exam. This will give you a fair idea of how much time and effort you need to cultivate, in order to get to the winning score. Practicing mocks on a regular basis helps you to understand which section is your strength and which section is your weakness. And once you are clear about where you stand in terms of the GMAT Preparation and where there needs to be more effort put, you can start to focus on the needed target areas. These will alleviate the chances of unpleasant surprises on the main exam day. Mocks are also the best way of getting an estimate of the score range that you are capable of achieving during the exam day. This is quite important because it allows the candidates to get a realistic idea of which colleges they can target and customize their profiles accordingly.


Every candidate is different due to which the GMAT Preparation that they would require is slightly different. One thing that do not differ much though is the time constraint that they face due to their work.

However, this is an obstacle that can be overcome If you have the dedication, proper routine, and a study environment. This is where GMAT Coaching Institutes come into the picture. For more information on Career Launcher’s GMAT program, click here.

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