Orientation Session: GMAT Focus Edition Quant

Do you have these questions: How to prepare for the GMAT quant section? What is the GMAT exam format? What are the topics or content tested on the GMAT quant section? What are the test-taking strategies? If yes, then join us for a free webinar, where we will help you understand the GMAT quant exam structure, pattern, and scoring and give you a detailed introduction to the key components of the GMAT exam.

If you are just starting your GMAT prep or are stuck at a lower quant score, this webinar will help you gain insight into the mistakes you might be making. Join us and learn how you can avoid these mistakes and plan your preparation following a few simple steps.

February 16, 2024

21:00 hrs

Kapil Madaan

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Session Highlights

  • Understand the overall GMAT structure & syllabus: We explain the adaptive nature of GMAT and break down the entire syllabus into a list of topics or concepts, making it easier for you to track your preparation.
  • Overview of the topics tested on the GMAT quant section: Numbers, Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, and Statistics.
  • Introduction to Problem Solving (PS): Understand all the different concepts tested, and learn how to solve all PS questions using an easy two-step approach: Step1: Understanding the question and Step 2: Solving the question.
  • Introduction to Data Sufficiency (DS): Give you an insight into the approach to solving DS questions, and learn the key strategies to solve all DS questions in <90 seconds with minimum effort.
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Learn more about the Speaker

Kapil Madaan

Kapil Madaan

GMAT Expert

Kapil earned an MBA after his mechanical engineering degree. He performed well on standardized tests such as GMAT. He has been teaching Quant for more than 10 years and helped thousands of students achieve their target scores, with his unique ability to break a most complex problem into simpler mathematical steps. Most of his students get a score between Q45 - 51 on GMAT.