Crack 700+ GMAT SC questions using our three step approach in <90 sec

Most of the students fears SC thinking that they need to learn all the grammar rules of the language in order to score 90th percentile on GMAT SC. However, most students who actually do well on GMAT SC equip themselves with the right strategy and knowledge of the rules that allow them to spot the mistake and fix it in much less time.

To help you crack GMAT SC, we have organized a free webinar to help you learn our three step approach, and apply the same on 700+ level questions to give you the confidence to score 90th percentile and even more.

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July 01, 2022

21:00 hrs

Mayur Tyagi

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Session Highlights

  • Learn what is tested on 700+ level SC questions: Learning the rules tested on high difficulty questions will prepare you for the 90th percentile verbal score.
  • Learn how parts of speech can help you spot the error on even the most difficult questions- Knowing the rule is not enough, your ability to spot the error in <30 seconds will make all the difference on the test day.
  • Down to two choices not sure? - Most common challenge faced by all test takers. Learn how to make the final choice without wasting a lot of time using our list of preferable rules.
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Learn more about the Speaker

Mayur Tyagi

GMATâ„¢ Expert

Mayur, a mechanical engineer, followed his passion for verbal reasoning and aptitude. He breaks the most complex verbal concepts into simple mathematical steps that students can easily follow and achieve scores that they desire. Training more than 5000 students over the past 7 years, his students have scored 760(V44), 730(V46) in GMAT™ to name a few. Truly following the words of Maya Angelou, "When you know better you do better", Mayur makes sure his students always know better.