GRE Classroom Program

The GRE classroom program aims at enabling each aspirant to master every type of question that appears in various sections of the exam, viz. Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing.

Program features


Vaishnavi Shukla
GRE Score: 339

I owe a great deal of my success in the GRE as well as TOEFL to Career Launcher. The sessions held for vocabulary and reading comprehension were engaging and comprehensive and guided me towards improving my skills in the language which proved useful in improving my overall communication skills. The quantitative analysis sessions were resourceful as well and definitely were instrumental in my perfect score on that section in the GRE.

Saurav Poundel
GRE Score: 321

Career Launcher (CL) provided me with top notch tutors, study material and a competitive environment to excel in. The classes were not only educational but also motivational. The assignments in CL gave me a much needed push to success. The online tests of CL Conduira SIS AIM were quite similar to the official test of ETS and thus prepared us well for the big day. And above all, the tutors were always there for advices and suggestions, of any sort, even after the completion of course.

Raghu Chandramohan
Georgia Institute of Technology
GRE Score: 315

My first contact with CL was right after I had given my GRE. I had scored a pretty decent score, but I knew I required someone’s help to get admission in a top notch University. CL made this possible! CL was of big help in editing my SOP. Even the minute of details were taken care of. Special thanks to Biruda Virkud ma'am for guiding me through the admission process in a timely manner and keeping me updated on the scholarships available.

Bishakha Hrushikesh Praharaj
Columbia University
GRE Score: 313

It has been a great experience receiving guidance and support. The CL's admission councling program helped me on how to go about approching a college and fixing the right time to schedule my exams.I could just approch the faculty anytime with any kind of queries-small or big.

I would highly recommend the program to students aspiring for international education.