What is IELTS Academic Diagnostic Test?

Our IELTS Academic Diagnostic Test will assist you in pinpointing your strengths and areas for improvement. Additionally, it will familiarize you with the exam's format and question types, boosting your confidence and proficiency in the IELTS Academic examination. This will boost your confidence, setting you on the path to academic success abroad. Taking the diagnostic test at least three months before your scheduled IELTS Academic exam date is highly recommended as it allows you to gauge your preparedness for the different sections that comprise the exam.

Why Career Launcher for IELTS Academic Diagnostic Test?

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Section-wise analysis

Get a personalized analysis of your performance in IELTS Academic Listening, Writing, and Reading sections to identify and improve upon your weak areas.

Overall analysis

Get a comprehensive performance report card with an analytical assessment of your overall performance to know how you can boost your scores in the actual exam.

IELTS Academic Simulation

Experience IELTS Academic examination simulation so you know what to expect on the actual exam day. Be fully prepared to face any challenge that comes your way.

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Curated by experts

Each question on the test has been handpicked by our experts with decades of experience in coaching IELTS Academic aspirants all the way through their dream international college.

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Performance benchmarking

Benchmark your performance against other IELTS Academic aspirants who have taken the test and know where you stand compared to competition.

Great discounts

Get a chance to avail INR 1000 off on our IELTS Academic Online LIVE Classes.

How Can Diagnostic Test Help In Improving IELTS Academic Score?

A diagnostic test familiarizes test-takers with the exam format, question types, and time constraints. It can help identify a test-taker's strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to focus their efforts on areas that need improvement. The IELTS Academic test is a timed exam, and each section has a strict time limit. Taking a diagnostic test allows students to practice pacing themselves to meet the time constraints of each section. With this information, one can create a targeted study plan to improve overall IELTS Academic score.

What After IELTS Academic Diagnostic Test?

After completing the IELTS Academic Diagnostic Test, it is essential to analyze your scores and determine your strengths and weaknesses. Based on this evaluation, you can develop a study plan that addresses your shortcomings and maximizes your strengths. One option to consider is enrolling in IELTS Academic preparation classes. These classes offer a comprehensive and organized approach to studying for the IELTS Academic exam. Career Launcher provides a free IELTS Academic trial class for you to understand the effectiveness of our preparation program. In this free trial class, we will provide an overview of how our classes are conducted and introduce you to the benefits of our study materials, practice tests, and mock exams.

Format of the Free IELTS Academic Diagnostic Test

The format of the Free IELTS Academic Diagnostic Test encompasses a duration of 40 minutes, structured as follows:



Number of Questions

 Questions Type


 15 minutes


Multiple choice, fill in the blank


 15 minutes


Report writing


 10 minutes

 1 recording (10 questions)

Multiple choice, map labelling

IELTS Academic Preparation with Career Launcher

Our reputation for delivering top-notch content and being guided by experienced faculty sets us apart. We not only teach you the concepts for IELTS Academic preparation but also act as mentors, helping you navigate crucial career decisions.

With our specialist faculty, your learning needs will be catered to with utmost care. Our comprehensive approach includes well-crafted classroom material, meticulously researched practice papers, online topics, sectional tests, and full-length practice exams. Together, they provide you with a complete understanding of the IELTS Academic exam.

Flexibility is at the heart of our IELTS Academic preparation programs. You can choose either online classes or attend offline sessions at any of our centers.

IELTS Academic Classroom Preparation: Our IELTS Academic Classroom Preparation offers 35+ hours of immersive training under the guidance of our most experienced faculty. In this setting, you'll have the opportunity to interact with peers, exchange ideas, and enrich your IELTS Academic preparation experience. Regular doubt-clearing sessions and personalized mentoring by faculty ensure your progress is on track. A faculty surrounded by students listening to career advice and planning is a common sight in our centres.

IELTS Academic Online Preparation: Say goodbye to the hassle of traveling and embrace the flexibility of online learning. IELTS Academic Online Preparation program is perfect for busy professionals and students located in remote areas. With geographical boundaries eliminated by online medium, we pool across the best of Career Launcher's faculty from across the country to ensure the students get the best of each topic. Regular doubt-clearing sessions and one-on-one mentoring ensure that you receive personalized attention.

Student Testimonials

In my opinion, I found the IELTS course effective as it really catered me towards understanding the nuances and technicality of the test pattern. Each lesson we would practice exam papers for each component. Moreover, there were one-on-one feedback sessions quite often, allowing us to rectify accordingly. Subsequently, this boosted my confidence to face the exam having gained adequate and required skills. Thus, efficient IELTS scores were translated overall.

Sriya Srinivasa
Sriya Srinivasa
IELTS Score: 7.5

Overall good experience, more can be told about techniques and question handling

Aman Gupta
IELTS Band Score: 7

My experience with the classes: The classes were very beneficial to me, as they helped a lot in better understanding the format of the tests. As well as finding comfortability with the questions and planning my answers. Having more than one student in the session helped me get a broader view of how other individuals might tackle the exam. It was also a nice experience having people from different areas.

IELTS Band Score: 8

The ielts coaching provided by Career Launcher was beneficial and the teacher was also great. I understood whatever she was teaching and few of her tips were really helpful to me.

Ishaan Jain
IELTS Band Score: 8

FAQs About IELTS Academic Diagnostic Test

A good IELTS score is 7 band or above. This corresponds to 21 marks out of 30 in the IELTS Academic diagnostic test.

At Career Launcher, the IELTS Academic Diagnostic Test is absolutely free.

The IELTS Academic Diagnostic Test is best taken early in the study process, about three months before the actual exam.

To take the free IELTS Academic Diagnostic test, all you need to do is fill out the form located at the top of this page. You will receive a test link and login details on your registered email ID to begin your test.