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Benefits of Joining Online Coaching for IELTS Academic

Online classes for IELTS Academic are one of the most systematic approaches to preparing for the exam. You can view video lectures, soft copies (PDF/Word document), and e-books at your fingertips. Moreover, you can prepare for the exam at your convenience and availability.

The demand for online IELTS Academic classes has increased significantly in the digital era. A live online program can boost your IELTS preparation. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of IELTS Academic online coaching.

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How Important is Online Coaching for the IELTS?

Both online and offline IELTS coaching follow the same framework. However, many individuals still prefer traditional classes as it provides an interactive platform to share unique ideas with their classmates.

Students can interact with their instructor and classmates during the coaching, especially in smaller batches of 10 to 15 students. However, students enrolled in larger IELTS Academic batches might face problems in receiving the required attention.

This is where online IELTS Academic classes come in. Students get customised, one-on-one counselling and doubt-clearing sessions from experienced IELTS tutors. This experience is not readily available in large IELTS batches at physical centres.

Is it Good to Take Coaching for the IELTS Academic Test?

There is much debate about whether IELTS exam coaching is essential or not. In this section, we will discuss the advantages of taking IELTS Academic classes, as listed below:

  • Unique Teaching Practises
  • IELTS Academic coaching helps students explore new ways of learning the English language. Interactive learning methods set a roadmap for students to understand grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension more effectively. While attending the IELTS coaching, students are better channelised to work on their weaknesses and capitalise on their strengths.

  • Rigirous Practice Sessions
  • With limited time allocated for each exam section, IELTS Academic test takers must be trained to give precise answers on time. When students choose IELTS coaching, they receive consistent practice for the exam. Regular online IELTS mock tests prepare students to solve challenging questions within the specified time limit during the main exam.

  • Effective and Efficient Preparation Tactics
  • Having a basic understanding of the English language is not enough to get top scores on IELTS tests. Students should be able to read, comprehend, and write answers within a specific time frame. Moreover, the listening and speaking sections of the IELTS Academic test require expert guidance. The unmatched tips and tricks experienced IELTS instructors share boost students’ confidence to surpass all exam sections efficiently.

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What are the Benefits of Online Classes for IELTS Academic?

Online IELTS Academic classes have a plethora of advantages, as listed below:

  • Flexibility
  • Online classes for IELTS Academic are becoming popular nowadays as students can engage in live sessions conveniently. Most students preparing for the IELTS Academic exam are currently enrolled in school or working in some form. As a result, travelling to a centre to take lessons may be demanding. When you choose online coaching, your studies are delivered straight to your door.

  • Affordability
  • Course fees are the same whether taken online or in person. Even though the fees are the same, offline coaching has an additional cost of travel. Online coaching allows you to study from the comfort of your home and use your resources because travel is unnecessary. This lowers the cost of education.

  • Simulated Tests and Reports
  • Mock exams and assignments are critical for the overall framework of your online coaching program. These can help you become confident during your IELTS Academic test and understand the exam structure.

    When you are truly prepared, taking multiple mock tests is possible in online IELTS classes. However, in offline sessions, you have to give the mock test as per the date scheduled by the coaching centre.

  • Consistent Guidance
  • Many people struggle to concentrate when studying in a group. For those in this category, an online course is the ideal alternative.
    You can interact with your professors personally, utilising the one-on-one interaction tool. They are obligated to monitor your performance periodically and be available for assistance whenever you need it.

  • Determine your own pace
  • Some people can grasp any concept with ease. Others might demand more time. You can study at your own pace when you choose online IELTS Academic classes.

  • Live Interactive Sessions
  • Live and interactive online courses allow professionals to connect with learners while allowing students to attend from wherever they want. Live classes also allow for online group discussions, which encourages students to participate in their studies.

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Why is Coaching Better than Self-study for the IELTS Academic Exam?

When preparing for IELTS, you have the option to either choose self-study or take IELTS Academic coaching.

Popular study-abroad destinations like the UK, Canada, the USA, and Australia, require a competitive IELTS Academic band score. Hence, preparing for your IELTS Academic exam in a structured manner is essential, which is better possible with IELTS Academic coaching.

Benefits of attending IELTS Academic coaching

  • Avoid Postponing Tasks
  • When you schedule your IELTS test, you will likely choose a date several months later, allowing you enough time to prepare. But there is a high chance that self-prep might lead to delays due to a lack of effective guidance.

    Enrolling in an IELTS preparation course can help you stay on track with your study goals. The physical or virtual class environment will encourage you to stay focused and use your time effectively.

  • Monetary Commitment
  • No doubt, self-study is the most cost-effective option for preparing for your IELTS Academic test. However, it may cause you to become less committed.

    Paying for an IELTS prep course will make you more accountable for your performance. Hence, you will be determined to put in extra effort, attend classes regularly, and give it your all.

  • Practical Study Materials
  • When studying for the IELTS, there is no question that you may readily turn to Google or YouTube for information. This, however, may be detrimental because you will receive the knowledge in chunks rather than all at once.

    IELTS coaching provides multiple study materials which you can fully exploit by putting in extra practice time. Further, you can pinpoint your shortcomings, work on these areas, and increase your confidence.

  • A Curated Strategy for Success
  • Planning a blueprint for success might be confusing, especially if you are giving the exam for the first time. However, your IELTS prep course will be more structured and give you the resources to support you. As a result, you'll have a more detailed preparation plan, which will keep you better organised.

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IELTS Academic exams are held twice a month or less in various parts of the world. Students can retake the exam as often as they like during a given year until they reach their desired score. But passing this test in one sitting requires a little assistance from a top IELTS coaching centre.

Candidates can opt to study IELTS Academic online classes or offline sessions according to their convenience and flexibility. With IELTS online classes, you can access extensive study materials to help you ace the IELTS Academic test.


Preparation for IELTS should take between one and two months. Experts advise spending up to four hours daily for effective IELTS Academic preparation.

Taking IELTS Academic online coaching allows you to access extensive study materials to help you ace the IELTS exam. Furthermore, you can participate in live online sessions at your own pace and schedule.

Face-to-face interaction with IELTS expert tutors helps you effectively prepare and clarify your doubts. This is impossible when you self-study for the IELTS Academic test.

The choice between online and offline IELTS coaching depends on your preference and availability. If you are currently studying or working, customised study plans offered by online IELTS Academic classes will be the best option.

A Harvard Review study found that most participants believed online IELTS Academic courses were more effective than traditional in-person teaching. The prime reason is that IELTS applicants can schedule one-on-one live online coaching sessions for a personalised experience.