3 Reasons to Join our DU-JAT & BBA Comprehensive Coaching Programs

100+ Hours of Learning

Prepare for DUJAT as well as other BBA Entrance Exams with sessions by our expert faculty

All-India Mock Tests

8 all-India mock tests as well as several BBA Mocks with in-depth analysis to help you boost your performance

Recorded Video Lessons

Recap a session, revise a lesson, revisit concepts, whenever you want

About DU-JAT Coaching Programs

DU-JAT is the gateway to the much-coveted BMS/BFIA and BBE programs of Delhi University. With 20,000 students appearing in the entrance exam, and only a handful of seats available in each of the programs, you need a focused and customized preparation strategy to succeed.

With our DU-JAT Comprehensive Online program, you get to study from the comfort of your home. Learn from some of our finest faculty members. And realize your DU dream without burning a hole in the pocket.

About BBA Coaching Programs

There are several BBA Entrance Exams which can open the doors to some of the top BBA colleges across India. There is a fair bit of competition in all of these examinations as well due to which you should look to prepare well for the BBA Exams so that you stand a good chance at acing them.

Our BBA Coaching Programs can help you do exactly this with over 120 hours of sessions by our expert faculty and more than 60 mocks related to different BBA Entrance Exams. With our BBA Coaching, you stand the best chance to get into your dream BBA College

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