IPMAT Online Exam

IIM Rohtak will be conducting the IPMAT on 21st May 2020 from 10 AM to 12 PM. In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak and the ongoing lockdown, IIM Rohtak will be conducting the IPMAT exam online. The applicants will have the convenience to appear for the exam from their own home location via Interned Based Assessment system. Therefore, they won’t be required to travel to any centers to appear for the exam.

As per the latest updates by IIM Indore, IPMAT 2020 is now scheduled to be conducted on July 25th, 2020. It is advisable that the students regularly check the official website of IIM Indore for any new updates.

IPMAT Mock Tests

IIM Rohtak will conduct a series of three compulsory mock tests. This will be practiced by the institute in order to make the students familiar with the exam process and will also help resolve any technical issues and errors to rule out the possibility of any technical issues during the exam. It is advised by IIM Rohtak to use the same device for the mock tests as well as the exam in order to avoid any kind of technological or mechanical difficulty or setback.

IPMAT Rohtak Mock Test calendar




First Mock

15th May, 2020

4 PM

Second Mock

17th May, 2020

10 AM

Final Mock

19th May, 2020

10 AM

IPMAT (Final exam)

21st May, 2020

10 AM

Online exam: Do’s and Don’ts

Understand the test guideline

Before getting ready for an online exam it is extremely important that you go through the exam guidelines and understand them. Read the instructions thoroughly and well in advance.

Know the test format

Know the kind of questions you might be asked. Being aware of the exam format is one of the most important steps irrespective of the mode the exam being conducted in.

Check your computer ahead of the exam

In order to rule out any last-minute mishaps and technical issues, it is important that you check your system and other technical stuff a few times.

Select a spot with no distractions for the exam day

Take on a spot where you are least likely to be disturbed during the exam. Make sure that your family members are aware of the gravity of your situation so you are less likely to be disrupted during your exam time.

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