How to Crack Verbal Ability for IPMAT

Verbal Ability Questions that are tested in IPMAT are very high scoring. Before we embark on demystifying the VA questions, let us have a brief overview of the section: Verbal Ability for IPMAT. Verbal Ability for IPMAT consists of 40 questions overall, with 10-12 questions earmarked for Reading Comprehension. The rest of the questions are a mix of –fill the blanks, odd one out, synonyms, antonyms, parajumbles, phrase replacement (that tests you on Grammar), idioms and phrases, and word usage.

In IPMAT 2019, the expected cut-offs for VA section was upwards of 70 marks (every correct question fetches 4 marks and incorrect question attracts a penalty of 1 mark). And in IPMAT 2018 cut-off for Verbal Ablity for IPMAT was upwards of 85 marks. So, suffice to say for IPMAT 2020 an attempt of 30-32 questions with 85% accuracy would help you to clear the sectional cut-off for Verbal Ability for IPMAT 2020. But the decisive factor in doing so would be to attempt and score within 40 minutes (time that you get for VA section). Though, we are not downplaying RCs, but one can easily clear this cut-off by attempting the rest of the questions as they require less time and have equal weight-age.

Questions based on vocabulary/usage are a 100% must. Just as in General Awareness section in various tests, one either knows the answer or don’t. There is very little room for being confused and it takes just seconds to figure them out (after all you don’t have to read an entire passage to answer the questions!). We seriously advise you to read newspapers and note down and learn the recurring words. Or else you can use the ‘vocab ninja’ tool in your account. We have tried to capture the high frequency words that you would encounter in Verbal Ability for IPMAT and other competitive exams.

The questions on Idioms and phrases test you on usage. You might be asked to guess the context of the idioms used in questions, which should be easy, if you have good reading habits. You need to put a little effort on covering questions on commonly used phrases, which are bit tricky. Though they require you to have knowledge of prepositions, but the questions are mostly based on commonly used phrasal verbs.

For grammar, you are not tested beyond the common grammar topics such as- parts of speech, pronoun cases, subject verb agreement, tense, modifiers, parallelism etc. Just a thorough run-through the topic is required and you can make the list of rules that are covered in these topics and keep on revising the same.

Parajumbles based questions require you to zero-in on the most logical order for the given statements. You can refer to the CL’s Verbal Ability for IPMAT funda book, to get the essence of the common-sense based rules that could help you eliminate the wrong answer options and reach the correct one. Note: It is advisable that you work on eliminating the answer options by applying rules and NOT proving the answer option sequence that you feel makes sense to you.

Attempting 20-22 questions out of 28-30 questions on these topics should not take you more than 15-20 minutes. Remember: the accuracy level on these topics is relatively higher for an aspirant thus start your preparation for Verbal Ability for IPMAT2020 right away to pocket these marks.

We hope we could provide you some valuable insights on Verbal Ability for IPMAT 2020 for both: IIM-Indore and IIM- Rohtak.

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