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Career Launcher's IQM Leadership Series is a set of Events in which Education Sector Leaders assemble to share deep thoughts & on-ground insights, actual plans & implemented programs and solutions to concerns that are most useful for the school ecosystem in India and abroad. The attendance to these events is by invitation and over the series of the last set of events, we have seen excellent participation from stakeholders, who shared and took back an incredible array of tools & practices that they found very utilitarian.

IQM Leadership Series of Events also helps the education leaders to familiarize themselves on topics that are current in nature, as well. They pitch for discussion on these hot topics and seek clarity from their peers or industry specialists. These topics include, among others, Leadership Development, Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning, Social Media Deaddiction, Cyber Security, Safety & Hygiene, Teacher Skill Upgradation, Hands-on Pedagogy, Finance for Bloomers, Child Counselling, etc.

The purpose of these IQM Leadership Series events is to help develop a platform which will echo the commonly encountered challenges and a set of choices as tools to handle the same, thus empowering the education leaders to prepare the next-gen with confidence, wisdom, conviction and purpose.

Our Purpose

Career Launcher's Leadership Series is a full-fledged series of change events, starting with discussions among stakeholders leading to agreement & action plans on how to


Keep stakeholders equipped - with the relevant and in-use competencies like modern day pedagogy, leveraging tech-tools, seamlessly weaving in real-life learning, making the learning environment a stress-free and fun process, imparting life / soft skills to help become effective social citizens;


Analyse, Plan, Organize, follow through and improve using the feedback loop, the whole process of skill building, capacity handling and empowering all the stakeholders, constantly;


Mould the leadership skills, encompassing, among other skill-sets, conflict resolution, interpersonal relations and management of values and ethics to promote a spirit of overall excellence of school-side stakeholders;


Conduct the school-level in-ground process of Mentoring & Capacity Building Programmes for school heads and teachers, apart from any other managerial stakeholder in the school ecosystem.


Mrs. Anuradha Joshi

Prof Yogesh Singh

Dr Ragini Kaul

Ms. Lavina Arora

Ms. Anita Paul

Ms. Anuradhsri

Ms. Astha

Ms. Novita Chopra

Ms. Bhawna Garg

Dr. Ashok Pandey

Dr. Ragini Kaul

Dr. Suchitra Bhattacharya

Ms. Himani Jain

Ms.Jaishree Bhargava

Ms. M N Arul Raj

Ms. Peeya Sharma

Ms. Rupika Tandon

Ms. Surjeet Khanna

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