The alumni Association of NIT Trichy presents

Machine Learning Bootcamp

RECAL - NIT Trichy GAM2020

GAM 2020 is a Mega Event, curated to explore the realm of old memories and new bonds.

Faculty: Sujit Bhattacharyya Date: Jan 04, 2020 Time: 2PM - 5PM

Machine Learning Bootcamp @ GAM2020

During Global Alumni Meet (GAM2020), RECAL helps combine learning and fun for our alumni leaders with a power packed bootcamp on ML and DS by partnering closely with CL Educate who are the only approved DS/ML cloud partners for higher education through AICTE partnership and also work with dozens of corporates and CXO in their personal and organisational capacity building and DS / ML led business problem solving.

We will breeze through exciting ML stuff, solve some codes hands-on, demystify ML, and of course have as much fun and learning as possible in a 3-hour bootcamp. Please come equipped with your laptop, open mind and some appetite for fun and hardwork.

The hype around machine learning (ML), neural networks, and artificial intelligence is at its peak. Hardly a conversation goes by that does not mention these words many times. Even people who know little or close to nothing about it use it freely. It’s little like French wine you may or may not know anything about it, but if you can say Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, most people will not ask you the difference. Words are enough, even if you don’t know what it means during hype most people assume you do. The more you pepper your sentences with words like ML, AI the higher you resonate.

This bootcamp will give you a good understanding of the domain of machine learning and create a yearning to learn more.

Read more at:Reflections of Yatish Rajawat, Senior journalist and an alum of the CXO ML retreat at Goa.


  • "We can split AI and ML as a very important course in our curriculum; and this type of workshop is just a start. If we have this type enthusiastic workshop and create similar culture among our other faculties, students, etc., then India will become No.1 in AI & ML very soon."
    Prof. Anil D Sahasrabudhe
    (Chairman, AICTE)

  • The workshop is one of the most effective ways of learning more about ML and the way Sujit and Mythreya covered it was exceptional. This was more a small preview into ML but turned out to be detailed as well. based on my experience I would recommend this to any decision maker in business.
    Shirish Kotmire
    Designated Partner, Seraphic Retail and Business Solutions