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Machine Learning Job Profiles in India

Today’s fastest growing employment field is Machine Learning- not only are the Machine Learning jobs massively being generated but it is also becoming one of the hottest career choices.
The positions recruited by companies for Machine Learning jobs include Machine Learning Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Sciences Lead, and Machine Learning Scientist, NLP Data Scientist, etc. These Machine Learning jobs include researching and developing algorithms and methods to extract patterns from data.
Further attractive reason for the Machine Learning world is the salary package. The compensation for Machine Learning jobs is very promising with an average salary ranging between INR 7,00,000 to 14, 00,000 per annum even for entry level Machine Learning engineers.Below is a list of Machine Learning Jobs in India that are popularly in demand-

Data Analyst

Data Analysts work with datasets such as numbers, facts, and figures, to analyze them and find conclusions. Their job responsibility also calls for translating complex data into simple and understandable documents, extracting data, coding, designing and developing algorithms, and more. Data Analysts are expected to possess analytical skills, eye for details, mathematic skills, and interpretation skills.

Data Engineer

Data engineers are responsible for evaluating the quality and accuracy of the datasets. Some of the programming languages include MongoDB, NoSQL, SQL, Cassandra, and more. Their job profile also involves developing the key business questions and building datasets for the solutions to those questions.

Machine Learning Engineer

ML Engineer profile demands familiarity with Python, C++, Java, Scala, JavaScript, etc. They are responsible for creating algorithms which are used for decoding the patterns collected from larger datasets. Other responsibilities of Machine Learning Engineers involve designing and implementing applications/algorithms likeanomaly detection, predictions, classification, etc.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists are professionals who are analytical data experts with skills in solving complex problems. It is a highly demanded job profile. Data Scientists also deciphers through large datasets to decode the insight and built designs using fierce mathematic skills, programming skills, and statistic skills to decode and structure them.


The revolution of Machine Learning (ML) is based on the idea that machines can function on its own without any human intervention or assistance when it is provided with data.The marathon of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has begun to captain the modern world economy and many top international universities have started to incorporate AI as an academic subject. This only means that in order to a formidable leader in the future it is vehement to possess the knowledge of Machine Learning.