Machine Learning for CXOs

A hands-on skill building program for CXOs

Faculty: Sujit Bhattacharyya Language: English

Workshop @ Azaya beach resort, Goa

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science (DS), and Machine Learning (ML) are the pillars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or what is commonly known as Industry 4.0. AI is a branch of Computer Science that deals with the ability of a machine to closely imitate intelligent human behavior. ML is an application of AI that is based on the idea that when machines are provided new data, they can learn, grow, and develop on their own without explicit human intervention/programming. DS, on the other hand, is an umbrella term that signifies techniques used to extract useful information and insights from data.

Today, the importance of AI-ML is being felt in almost every domain. Therein arises the need for CXOs and by extension businesses to be AI-ML proficient.

A team from CL Educate, led by Mr Sujit Bhattacharyya (Chief Innovation Officer, CL Educate) conducted the sessions.

In total, 13 participants, comprising of top management from companies like DCM Shriram, Allcargo Logistics, Michelin, Gaja Capital, Yournest, Seraphic, Rekhta Foundation, WNS and Accendere.


  • "I learnt new skills which I expect will allow me to apply to my business through outside agencies, it will help me ask the right questions to move from "brick and mortar" to "click and muster""
    Alok Shriram
    Joint MD, DCM Shriram

  • "Great workshop! A must for every business leader wanting to use ML-AI/Big data in their organization"
    Ashish Mathur
    Group CIO, Allcargo Logistics

  • "The workshop is one of the most effective ways of learning more about ML and the way Sujit and Mythreya covered it was exceptional. This was more a small preview into ML but turned out to be detailed as well. based on my experience I would recommend this to any decision maker in business."
    Shirish Kotmire
    Designated Partner, Seraphic Retail and Business Solutions

  • "Great learning experience. Never thought that I can also learn ML and use it."
    Accendre CEO

  • "I am happy to recommend Career Launcher ML Workshop to senior executives and operational leaders across a range of businesses. ML and AI will impact all in ways that were hitherto not possible. As the revolution takes place, their program provides the perfect blend of theory and practice."
    Rohit Anand
    Ex Managing Director WNS

  • "This workshop has opened my sensibilities viz a vis the data amassed and the volume of data generated by my company; specifically how to use, analyse and interpret the same."
    Kanika Shriram
    GM Dcm Shriram

  • "This is an excellent "Getting from Zero to One" in ML/AI for business leaders. There should be an advanced workshop as a follow up."
    Imran Jafar
    Managing Partner Gaja Capital

  • "Excellent programme - gives one a glimpse of the potential of ML/AI"
    S. Suryanarayan
    Executive director Alcargo Logistics

  • "Very useful in terms of understanding the scope and depth of AI/ML and its real world applications."
    Girish Shivani
    ED Yournest VC

    Manik Mahajan
    Marketing Director Michelin India Pvt LTD

What the customers say

Session Details


  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Introduction to Python and the Jupyter environment
  • Handling data with Pandas
  • Data visualization with Matplotlib
  • Regression: Theory & Demo
  • Hands-on linear regression
  • Classification: Theory & Demo
  • Hands-on classification


  • Undupervised: Theory & Demo
  • Hands-on unsupervised algorithms
  • Neural networks: Theory & Demo
  • Alexa & Voice Technology: Theory & Demo
  • Hands-on Alexa skill building
  • Closure