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VISION - To Create innovative educational ecosystem with state-of-the-art knowledge repository MISSION - Desire of Nurturing Creativity and Innovation Allowing students to explore their ideas and interests and also to improvise on student motivation, engagement, and achievements. We aspire to integrate Modern-Day In-Demand Skills There is an ongoing demand of thinking outside the box to find new and innovative ways of integrating skills into a student's curriculum. We aspire to promote Critical Thinking Skills The most important skill is the ability to think critically. The goal is to teach students how to analyse information and develop problem-solving skills to navigate different situations. To Create a Positive and Inclusive Classroom Culture To create an ecosystem where students can celebrate their diversity, foster positive relationships among themselves, and address any issues that might arise respectfully and constructively. Advocating for Continuous Lifelong Learning. Creating lifelong learners who are ready and keen to learn the varied dimensions of life. Staunch belief in Cultivating Skills We endeavour to cultivate a spectrum of skills, including communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and adaptability. To ignite the passion of learning We aspire to ignite a passion for discovery within students, encouraging them to explore beyond the confines of the classroom. A walk towards Excellence To equip new learners with knowledge which empowers them to analyse, evaluate, and apply that knowledge to real-world scenarios. VALUES - Integrity, Humanism, Creativity, Academic excellence, Team spirit Our team comprises faculty members from top-notch MBA and engineering institutions. We have successfully sent hundreds of students to IIMs and other top B-schools, as well as to the top national law schools in the country. Our outstanding results, year-on-year, are a true reflection of our excellence. Apart from classroom teaching, we also counsel students on their performance; and help them improve their study pattern, perfect an exam-taking strategy, and achieve high scores. -Top Notch Faculty team -Faculty availability 24 x 7 for doubt solving -Small batch size of 30-35 students. -Consistent monitoring of student progress. -Library facility -Online Lab facility. -Exhaustive study material -Exhaustive Online Test series

Programs Offered at Meerut - Shastri Nagar

We provide extensive training programs for students. Every program is designed in such a way that it nurtures students from scratch and prepares them systematically to pursue their dreams. Career Launcher Meerut - Shastri Nagar offers the following training programs.


Law Coaching Programs, Leaders in law entrance exams coaching with 7/10 Top ranks in CLAT'23 || 6/10 Top ranks in AILET'23. Enroll with us and ace all law entrance exams!


IPM/BBA/HM Coaching Programs, We have varieties of programs to make your preparation convenient and complete


CUET, Make your preparation convenient and complete


Over 50+ programs to make your preparation convenient and complete


Over 50+ programs to make your preparation convenient and complete


CLASS-9 , Special programs to Fasttrack student's journey towards success


CLASS-10, Special programs to Fasttrack student's journey towards success


CLASS-11, Special programs to Fasttrack student's journey towards success


CLASS-12, Special programs to Fasttrack student's journey towards success

Batch Details at Meerut - Shastri Nagar

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Why Career Launcher?

CL focuses on diverse segments of education across the learners of multiple age-groups. Led by a team of highly qualified professionals, including IIT-IIM alumni, with a passion for excellence in education, since 1995, CL has been focusing on shaping the lives and careers of many students. Over these years, the CL brand has diversified and established itself as a recognized brand in education sector.

At CL, we 'enable individuals to realize their potential and achieve their dreams'. This is our core ideology and is firmly grounded on our focus on academic excellence, technological innovation, and domain expertise built over years. We operate across a broad spectrum of segments in the education industry, including test preparation and vocational training.

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