NSE Academy's Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM)

Career Launcher's FinSchool introduces NCFM course, which provides competent training to aspirants who dream to get into the Indian Financial Market by grooming them into highly charged financial experts in different areas of finance: be it stock exchange, banking or other financial services. It is our mission to get you certified in NCFM: a much sought-after certification provided by the National Stock Exchange of India.

  • Duration: 2 Months (60 hours)
  • Learning Mode: Faculty-led online/offline
  • Eligibility: Open to all with an interest in financial markets
  •   Fees: 25,000 INR + GST

Modules We Cover

Career Launcher's FinSchool provides relevant training in four certification modules. The modules covered under this course include one Beginner's Module, two Intermediate Modules and one Advanced Module.

  • EQUITY DERIVATIVES (A Beginner's Module)

    This NCFM module revolves around the introduction, role, types, limitations, utility, settlement and taxation of derivatives.

  • DERIVATIVES MARKET (Dealer's Module)

    This NCFM module talks about the application of derivatives in speculation, hedging and arbitraging along with the regulatory framework within which the market operates.

  • OPTIONS TRADING (Strategies Module)

    This NCFM module lays primary focus on the different strategies employed in options trading and their impact on option payoffs.

  • DERIVATIVES (Advanced Module)

    This NCFM module introduces you to the fundamentals of future, interest rates, option Greeks and embedded options. Risk models, credit risk and valuation also touched upon.


  • You have to appear for each individual NSE Exam for all four modules. You will be awarded one certificate each for every module that you successfully complete.
  • On completion of the Beginner's Module and the two Intermediate Modules (first 3 certifications listed above), you will get a Proficiency Certificate - NSE Academy's Certified Derivatives Pro (NCDP).
  • On completion of all the modules (4 certifications listed above), you get a Champion Certificate - NSE Academy's Certified Derivatives Champion (NCDC).
  • Thus, in total, you get 6 Certificates after successful completion of all 4 modules.

Course Key Features

Training Methodology

This course involves 60 hours of live faculty sessions and recorded sessions. Guest lectures, case studies, and assessments further to enhance the learning process.

Effective Content

Our modules are backed by extensive research which has made our education system both appropriate & exciting for our learners. Specially designed NSE booklets, NSE mock tests & case studies will help you to ace the NSE Exam.

New-Age Learning Platform

A comprehensive 24*7 learning platform: aspiration.ai, lets you stay connected to various academic & developmental activities at all hours of the day.

Career Benefits

Getting certified in NCFM will make you a highly skilled professional in the financial market. If you are a working professional, expect a significant boost in your compensation package as getting certified in all four modules will make you a globally recognized authority in this enticing world of finance. After bagging these certifications, the window of opportunities will open up for you where the following job titles are concerned:

  • Stock Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Stock Broker
  • Sub Broker
  • Treasury Manager
  • Investment Manager


This course gives you powerful insights about the techniques & functions of the capital market. As it is recognized internationally, you will have an edge over everyone else in the financial world. Enjoy the rare opportunity of being an undisputed authority in this industry with a career that is challenging, satisfying and trail-blazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

NSE stands for National Stock Exchange. It is the leading stock exchange in India.

NCFM stands for NSE Academy Certification in Financial Markets. It is a certification provided by the National Stock Exchange of India. It is an online testing and certification program that tests your practical knowledge and skills in financial markets.

Career Launcher takes great pride in its star faculty who will do what it takes to help you reach the zenith of your ambition. Our NCFM Course will make you highly competent in the arts and science of financial abilities. It is our mission to get you certified in NCFM.

The NCFM Certification is considered to be the ultimate test of a person's ability to operate in the financial market and is thus, a highly sought-after certification. Getting certified in NCFM will put you on the map where the financial world is concerned: be it stock exchange, banking, or other financial services.

The beauty of this course lies in its open-ness to everyone. Anyone and everyone who wants to build their career in finance can do this course, irrespective of age, gender, or qualification.

FinSchool's NCFM Course is a 2 month course.

The learning mode is both online and offline.