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Civil Services 2014 Interview Experience

Amar Pratap Singh (Board)
  1. What is latitude and longitude?
  2. What is Mercator?
  3. How to draw private investments to manage problem to storage of perishable commodities?
  4. Who is opposing FDI in Multi Brand Retail and why?
  5. How does farmer gain from FDI in Multi Brand Retail?
  6. Will not FDI in Multi Brand Retail lead to monopoly?
  7. Difference between low cost innovation and frugal innovation?
  8. What is Indian government doing for innovation promotion?
  9. What are the low cost innovations you have seen recently?
  10. Is climate change real or hype?
  11. What is India’s stance on climate change?
  12. Should developed countries take more responsibility if they have contributed most to the pollution?
  13. How oceans act as carbon sink?
  14. Use of seaweeds, algae.
  15. Mechanism from which algae is converted into fuel?
  16. Source of sun's energy.
  17. Difference between fission and fusion?
  18. Why fusion gives more energy than fission?
  19. Any international effort towards taping fusion energy?
  20. What is cold fusion?
  21. What is Red corridor? Difference between Refugees and                immunity holders?
  22. Social engineering?
  23. India's participation in women cricket world cup for the first time (hobby: watching cricket and soccer)
  24. Difference between Rewards and motivation
  25. What is Coercive corruption
  26. Application of civil engineering in police service (IPS as 1st choice)

D.K Dewan (Board)
  1. Can center interfere in the law & order matters of state?
  2. Does India manufacture its own civilian aircrafts or does it procure them from abroad?
  3. Which companies make civilian aircrafts and who owns them?
  4. If you are standing on a hill and you have to find the depth of the valley, how will you do it without using any equipment?
  5. What qualities does one learn from playing cricket?
  6. Qualities of a good leader?
  7. What is Global warming, Greenhouse effect and Ozone layer depletion?
  8. If a 3-phase motor receives current in only 2 phases, what will happen to it? What is asynchronous motor? What are advantages of AC over DC? (Candidate was from electrical engineering background)
  9. Difference between a feature film and a commercial film?
  10. Difference between commercial cinema and art cinema?
  11. Unofficial name of Central Board for Film Certification?
  12. What ratings does it provide to the movies and what does it mean?
  13. On what criteria does BEE award ratings for electrical appliances?
  14. If one has to buy a refrigerator, shall he/she buy a 3 star rating one or a 4 start rating one and why?
  15. What is MSP? Which ministry announces it?
  16. Full form of CACP (Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices)?
  17. Piracy, armed guard, sea terrorism, and challenges through sea to a nation, what leadership qualities have you learned on ship, highest rank in Indian navy. (Background of the candidate was merchant navy and Income tax)
  18. Anti defection law and why it is needed?
  19. What is Question hour and zero hour


Alka Sirohi (Board)
1. India and Pakistan have a very troubled relationship. What are the reasons you think for this?
2. Whole issue about Jammu and Kashmir? Elaborate. What could be Pakistan’s interest in J&K? 

(Candidate had taken sociology optional)
  1. You have opted for Sociology. What do we study in the discipline as such?
    Can you think of any prominent Indian sociologists?
    Can you think of some predominant theory of M.N.Srinivas? Can you explain?
  2. Do you think the concept of Sankritization holds much importance in the contemporary world?
  3. What is Buddhist view on God?
  4. So if you are made the administrator of Kanpur, what will you do to revive the city? (Candidate was from Kanpur)
  5. You have taken sociology and you have been a technical person otherwise.
  6. Man’s life is increasingly becoming privatized, what is the role of technology in it, the access to all sort of information etc.? So, how will you monitor that? Are there any laws around the same?
  7. ‘Pursuing Buddhist Philosophy’, how do you pursue?
  8. Is it right to say that education is becoming like an industry? Do you support the coaching institutions? What would you do strengthen government education? Are there any such assessments already happening?
  9. You have heard of the poverty line, have you heard of something called the empowerment line?
    Let’s say I were to create an imaginary empowerment line, what do you think would be its parameters?
  10. Why philosophy optional? (Candidate has taken philosophy as optional)
  11. What is role of philosophy in administration?
  12. Difference between Indian and Western philosophy. What is Positivism?
  13. Contrast and compare Bhagwati sen model
  14. Which model you prefer between Gujarat and Bihar development model
  15. Current issues in Syria, Egypt. Discuss Foreign policy of India
  16. Salman khan black buck case
  17. Why IPS as first preference
  18. Accountability of CBI, Police reforms, State of criminal justice system.
  19. Is cricket ruining other games?
  20. Difference between game and sports
  21. Causes of desertification and solutions.

Manbir Singh (Board)
  1. What was turning point of World War II? What were reasons of German loss at Stalingrad.
  2. Who was Adolf Hitler's wife and why was she in news recently?
  3. What is NATO? Why was NATO in news recently?
  4. Role of Poland in Europe.
  5. Status of Iran's nuclear problem and current talks issue.
  6. What is your opinion about Iran's stand in future?
  7. What is the issue between Saudi Arabia & Iran?
  8. Discuss the situation in Iraq.
  9. Manifestations of cold war.
  10. Evolution of T20 cricket. What are primary reasons behind emergence of T20 cricket?
  11. What are seven-sister states? Problems of north-east. Why government funds are unutilized in north-east?
  12. Issue of Article 371, Article 370.