IPU CET 2014 LAW Exam Analysis

  • IP University conducted its Common Entrance Test, 2014 for admission to its various programmes in Law. The exam was held on May 25, 2014 from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

    The paper comprised 150 questions spread across four sections – Reasoning, English, General Knowledge and Legal Aptitude. The duration of the exam was 150 minutes. Each correct attempt fetched a score of +4 and every incorrect attempt attracted a penalty of -1 mark.

    There was no change in the pattern of the paper. The composition of the paper was in line with the notification released by IPU and with the previous years’ papers. The difficulty level of the paper can be said to range from easy to moderate with Legal Aptitude and General Knowledge sections being slightly more difficult than that of last year.

    The detailed break up of the sections is as follows:
    Section No. of questions Good Attempts Level of Difficulty
    Reasoning 37 33-35 Easy
    English 38 30-32 Easy-Moderate
    General Knowledge 38 28-30 Moderate
    Legal Aptitude 37 30-32 Easy-Moderate
    Total 150 121-129 Easy-Moderate

    Touted to be the easiest of the four sections, the Reasoning section was dominated by Critical Reasoning questions. Though there was no section on Quantitative Ability, about 5 questions of Mathematics appeared in this section. These were fairly easy and students shouldn’t have found any problem in attempting these questions. There was one set of Arrangements which had about 5-7 questions based on it. The set was easy but a little time consuming. A couple of questions from Syllogisms and Analogies also appeared in this section. There were a few questions of spotting the odd man out which, again, the students found to be quite easy.

    This section can be said to be of easy to moderate level of difficulty. There was one passage of about 450-500 words which was followed by about 5-7 questions. The questions were all direct with no inference based questions. A major portion of the section consisted of vocabulary based questions which the students found a little tricky. There were about 5 questions of Para Jumbles and 5-7 questions on Error Spotting. A couple of analogies also appeared in the section.

    General Knowledge
    In this section, almost 30 questions were from Static GK and the remaining were from Current Affairs. A major portion of Static GK questions were from areas such as History, General Science, Geography and Miscellaneous GK. The overall difficulty level of the Static GK questions can be said to be moderate-difficult. Questions from Current Affairs were quite easy and direct. National and International events featured prominently in the section. Overall difficulty level of the section was moderate.

    Legal Aptitude
    The most surprising aspect of this section was the complete absence of Legal Reasoning questions. In short, this section can be called a twin of the GK section. All the questions were based on Legal Knowledge and focused mainly on Static Legal Knowledge. Constitution and Polity primarily dominated the section with couple of questions also testing the students on their knowledge of Article numbers from the Constitution of India. A couple of questions each from Torts and Contracts also featured in this section. A few questions based on Latin Phrases were also asked. The level of difficulty of this section can be rated as easy to moderate.

    Overall, the paper was in sync with CL material. A student who had practiced the material sufficiently would not have found the paper challenging at all. The cutoff for the top colleges can be safely estimated to be 425+.

    With this, the 2014 season of Law Entrance draws to an end. We hope that this journey culminates into a success for all of you.

    (Disclaimer: All information on cut-offs, analysis, answer key and scores are based on independent analysis and evaluation made by Career Launcher. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information.)

    Best Wishes
    Team LST