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Metrics Evalvation Parameters
Academics a) Marks in Class-10 b) Marks in Class-12
Standardized Tests: Scores in an aptitude-based standardized test
  • a) SAT or ACT
  • b) TOEFL or IELTS or PTE
Additional Testing: Scores in additional (optional) standardized tests
  • a) SAT II Subject Tests
  • b) Advanced Placement Exams
Student Profile: An outside-the-class performance metric based on
  • a) Co-curricular activities [Olympiads, Projects and Competitions]
  • b) Extra-Curricular Activities [Music, Athletics, Sports and other activities such as listed below, that showcase innovation, initiative, leadership, and impact]
    • (i) Social Work
    • (ii) Entrepreneurship
    • (iii) Internships
  • c) High quality intellectual work - like Research Paper Publishing or Science Fair participation

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