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September 20, 2020


12:30 hrs



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Amitendra Kumar
Product Head, Law School Tutorials (LST)

Amitendra is the academic head as well as a student mentor who loves to guide students towards success by helping them crack the entrance exams. He loves interacting with students, helping them with strategies, performance analysis to understand their strengths and to adapt. An avid reader, Amitendra writes on exams and colleges in newspapers and magazines regularly, helping the student community.

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IPM Blended Coaching (Classroom + Virtual Classroom)

Prepare for IPMAT without any hurdles with IPM Blended Coaching. Career Launcher’s IPM Blended Coaching allows you to start your preparation through virtual sessions and following the end of the lockdown, you can resume your preparation through the classroom sessions.

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IPM Online Coaching

Prepare for IPM from the comfort of your home with IPM Online Coaching. Get over 250 hours of online classes along with other essential preparation resources such as mock tests, study material and more with IPM Online Coaching.

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There are several benefits to spending your time with our CL Experts in the IPM Open Sessions. Some of these benefits are outlined below:


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