UPSC 2020 Open Session

Prepare for UPSC with CL Experts

Get insights on how to crack the UPSC Exams through the NCERT Books and Newspapers

How to prepare for UPSC Exam along with Graduation/Job?

Learn the Tips on how to prepare for UPSC CSE along with graduation/Job . Our UPSC expert will clear all your doubts in this informative session.

7:00 PM

Decoding UPSC CSE Exam

Get the insight on UPSC CSE Exam pattern & syllabus in most simpler terms. Our UPSC expert will clear all your doubts related to The UPSC CSE in this informative session.

7:00 PM

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Why you should be attending the UPSC Open Sessions?

There are several benefits to spending your time with our CL Experts in the UPSC Open Sessions. Some of these benefits are outlined below:

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