Why Become a Career Launcher Franchisee

  • Cutting-edge and contemporary programs/products/courses using technology
  • Goodwill derived from a recognized & respected brand name
  • Use of logos, brand names, etc., in marketing collaterals & advertising
  • Marketing collateral support at subsidized rates
  • High quality (content & printing) academic material & faculty support initiatives
  • Closed user group messaging systems to ensure knowledge sharing
  • Technical know-how in academic delivery & pedagogy
  • Technology-based support for center operations management
  • Regular training in center operations, academics, products, sales & marketing
  • Periodic product/program upgrades, as per market feedback.
  • Regular interaction with our skilled manpower
  • Regular visits by the support team for enhancing the experience

Note: We have an exclusive, dedicated, and skilled Network team, which supports a franchisee's operations. Every franchisee is allotted a Regional Network Manager to enable focused support.