Courses at Masters' Union are taught by leading industry practitioners and marquee professors only.


In the Middle of the Business District

room Situated in CyberPark, Gurgaon & flanked by over 600 MNCs

Immersed Curriculum

Each course is carefully crafted and designed like an internship to provide students with hands on learning, wherever possible.

1. Consulting Project-Based Courses

Students take up consulting projects around corporate transformations for real clients to supplement their curriculum.


2. Technology Bootcamp Courses

Today technology is central to business and, hence, students undergo hands-on bootcamp-style tech courses.

3. Corporate Field Courses

Each quarter, fellows travel to a notable business sites that provides exposure to prolific business opportunities.

Unique Industry

Masters' Union Investment Fund

The Masters' Union Investment Fund is a unique student-run fund with a corpus of Rs 5 Crore that invests in real estate, capital markets etc, providing the cohort a hands-on experience of managing a fund, under the guidance of a Master.


This diversified fund will be managed by 5 major teams:

  • A Fund of 5cr will be seeded by the masters of the masters union

    Debt Fund

  • Profits of the fund to be divided among the student fund managers

    Equities and Stock Fund

  • Profits of the fund to be divided among the student fund managers

    futures and options Hedge Fund

  • Profits of the fund to be divided among the student fund managers

    Venture capital fund for startups

  • Profits of the fund to be divided among the student fund managers

    Real estate investment fund

Startup School

The Incubator at the Masters' Union is uniquely designed to facilitate new ventures from ideation all the way to fundraising. Initiatives & resources include:

  • Agency Network


  • Legal & Accounts Clinic

    Legal &
    Accounts Clinic

  • Fundraising Clinic


  • EIR Mentoring



We, at the Masters' Union, believe that financial constraints should not pose any hindrance to someone's academic aspirations. We are keen to attract promising candidates to our founding class, so that they elevate the quality of the peer learning experience. We have upto 100% scholarships available for applicants with exceptional profiles that fall in one of the following categories:

  • Karthik Ramanna Merit-based Scholarships

    Masters' Union is keen to identify and extend financial support to candidates with exceptional academic records and professional accomplishments. Our merit-based scholarships are need-blind and offer full and partial waivers of the tuition fee, as decided by the selection panel.
  • K. Sujatha Rao Scholarship for Women

    Masters' Union will extend a full scholarship to deserving female candidates who wish to rejoin the workforce after having been on a break due to personal commitments.
  • Tathagata Dasgupta India-Bound Scholarship

    This scholarship is directed at Indian-origin candidates (i.e. PIO card-holders) who wish to engage with the Indian corporate sector, as well as Indian professionals, currently based abroad, who wish to return to India in pursuit of a world-class education in India, that may help catapult their careers to newer heights.
  • PD Rai Diversity Scholarship

    This scholarship aims at the inclusion of exceptional candidates from marginalised and underserved communities from the Indian subcontinent, such as the Northeast, Ladakh, Bhutan, and the tribal belts of the Indian hinterland.
  • MU Scholarship for Young Leaders

    This scholarship aims to identify fresh graduates who have displayed exceptional drive and leadership potential through active participation in student-led committees, clubs and other initiatives while in college.
  • MU Scholarship for Sports Management

    This scholarship is for candidates who have had successful careers in sports or won laurels in national and international sports events as students, and are now looking to carve a new professional path as sports management professionals.
  • MU Scholarship for Entrepreneurs

    This scholarship funds candidates who have had entrepreneurial experience, with varying levels of success, and wish to gain more skills and academic perspectives to carry on with their line of work.
  • MU 'Emerging Leaders' Scholarship

    This scholarship is meant for candidates who participated in the 'Masters' Union Emerging Leaders' competition.

ISB and Corporate donors’ together award up to 40 scholarships of INR 5 Lakhs each to deserving candidates whose family income is not more than INR 12 Lakhs (including applicant’s pre-ISB income). Candidates have to submit an essay and proof of income to be eligible for the need-based waiver

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ISB believes that diversity enriches the learning experience both inside and outside the Class. To encourage students with diverse profiles ISB gives scholarships of INR 5 Lakhs to up to 10 students.

Up to 3 scholarships of INR 5 Lakhs are given to AIESECers. An essay needs to be submitted for the same.

ISB offers up to 30 scholarships of varying amounts to deserving international students.

This scholarship is given to Indian origin students currently working abroad, who plan to move back to India. INR 5 – 10 Lakhs scholarships are awarded to up to 5 students. Eligible students would have to submit an essay for the same.