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Career Launcher Rajkot is the Western India dominion of Career Launcher Pvt Ltd, touching almost every corner of India. Our greatest achievement is the standardization of academic delivery that spans through the country. CL is the most technologically advanced among all other institutes with a dedicated pan-India content creative team. It is the only institute which encourages students to drive lectures and content as part of CL's flagship Personality Development Program. Aptitude tests are a small part of CL's expansive pedagogy, which absorbs all levels of education from schools to post-graduation. Faculty from the cream institutes of India and the world's foremost universities work in tandem towards utmost academic and personal enhancement. Every individual in Career Launcher strives to achieve excellence everyday, away from the world of fierce competition. There is no experience like CL experience. At CL Educate, we 'enable individuals to realize their potential and achieve their dreams.' This is our core ideology and is firmly grounded on our focus on academic excellence, technological innovation, and domain expertise built over years. We operate across a broad spectrum of segments in the education industry, including test preparation and vocational training. As on September 30, 2017, we had 200 test-prep centres spread across 100 cities in India. We are committed to delivering quality education to all our students across the various segments mentioned above. As part of our global expansion, we also currently have test-prep centres operational in the UAE.

Meet our Team

Javed Malek

Javed Malek

Director and Verbal faculty having 12+ years of experience.

Viral Ashara

Viral Ashara

Quantitative aptitude faculty teaching Quant since 2014.

Bhavesh Kamalpara

Bhavesh Kamalpara

Having 10+ years experience in training professionals and students for Competitive examinations & Aptitude with a proven track record in QA and LR sections.

Varun Sangani

Varun Sangani

Prof. Varun Sangani is a highly experienced aptitude trainer with a proven track record in helping individuals enhance their aptitude skills having a vast experience of 11 years in teaching and training students. Delivered customized aptitude training programs for students preparing for competitive exams such as CAT, CMAT, GRE, IBPS and helped students in their placement preparations.

Lubna Sugarwala

Lubna Sugarwala

B.A in English Literature from Mumbai University . Over all 8yrs + of experience in Academic field. She train students for various entrance examS like CAT, CMAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT,IELTS,TOEFL, IPM and CLAT.

Programs Offered

We provide extensive training programs for students. Every program is designed in such a way that nurtures students from the scrap and prepare them systematically to pursue their dreams. Career Launcher Rajkot - University Road offers the following training programs.


IPM/BBA/HM Coaching Programs, We have varieties of programs to make your preparation convenient and complete


Law Coaching Programs, Leaders in law entrance exams coaching with 7/Top 10 ranks in CLAT'19 || 7/Top 10 ranks in AILET'19. Enroll with us and ace all law entrance exams!


One-stop solution to crack MBA entrance exams, Our programs are developed and run by industry experts which make your preparation convenient & complete

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Students' Testimonials

Rohan Dobhal - CAT

Rohan Dobhal - CAT'20 Batch

I am currently at the last semester of my engineering course and want to pursue MBA due to my interest in management which i developed during organizing different college fests. To get an admission in a good MBA college, i chose the guidance of Career Launcher as it is well known throughout the country. Even during this pandemic, the efforts put in by the faculty is noteworthy. They conduct regular online classes and back up classes so that each and every student is alert and is on the same page. The faculty is constantly putting in their efforts and are teaching us the tricks to solve questions as fast as possible. The timings of the classes are also comfortable and overall it is a great experience so far.
Sonal Sinha - CAT

Sonal Sinha - CAT'20 Batch

I really like online classes. I thought it was well planned and layed out, easy me to follow. The facilities was very professional and very clear in his method of teaching.
Pooja Yadav - CAT

Pooja Yadav - CAT'21 Batch

Online class is exceptionally good as there is no time wastage and very productive. The mock papers in aspiration is also very useful.
Jay Shah - CLAT

Jay Shah - CLAT'20 Batch

Being associated with Cl for the past 2 years has lead to developing a relation not just that of a teacher and student but that of a well-wisher and that of a guide. It has given direction to my ambition. Cl takes me closer to my aspiration through aspiration! Our online platform. Aspiration is the most student friendly portal for our preparations and has contributed immensely in our preparations. Topic test to strengthen concepts , sectional tests to strengthen a zone and mocks to boost our confidence and five us the real picture of where we stand in his highly competitive world. The gk updates and other various modules and programme make sure that we don't lose our edge to anyone else. Amid this tragic convid crisis the online sessions are like a catapult that has given us headstart.
Jeet Bhayani - BBA

Jeet Bhayani - BBA'20 Batch

These online classes are good there is no problem in it it's too good

Latest Blog

CAT Preparation with Career Launcher

CAT Preparation with Career Launcher

When you choose Career Launcher for your CAT preparation, you're investing in a wealth of resources and support to help you reach your MBA goals. However, it's crucial to remember that success in the CAT exam requires consistent effort, rigorous practice, and unwavering commitment to your aspirations. We're here to help you every step of the way on this exciting journey.

Importance of WAT

Importance of WAT

The Written Ability Test is a crucial tool for evaluating a candidate's communication, analytical, and writing abilities. It plays a significant role in selecting candidates who can effectively communicate, think critically, and present well-structured arguments - all vital skills for success in both academic and professional settings.

Personal Interview DO

Personal Interview DO's and DON'T's

Remember, a Personal Interview is not just about testing your knowledge; it's also about evaluating your personality, communication skills, and how well you'll fit into the institution's culture. Approach the interview with confidence, preparation, and authenticity.

IPMAT Paper Style

IPMAT Paper Style

The IPMAT is the entrance exam for IIM's Integrated Program in Management. It includes three sections: Quantitative Ability (QA), Verbal Ability (VA), and Writing Ability (WA). QA tests math and analytical skills, VA assesses language proficiency, and WA involves essay writing. The exam is 2 hours long with a marking scheme that awards points for correct answers and potentially deducts for incorrect ones.

CLAT Syllabus

CLAT Syllabus

The CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) is a prominent entrance exam for law programs. For the Undergraduate (CLAT UG) program, it includes sections on English, General Knowledge, Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Legal Aptitude. The Postgraduate (CLAT PG) program syllabus encompasses Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Legal Knowledge, and Comprehension. Effective preparation involves comprehensive study of these subjects and mock test practice to acclimate to the exam's format.

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Why Career Launcher?

CL focuses on diverse segments of education across the learners of multiple age-groups. Led by a team of highly qualified professionals, including IIT-IIM alumni, with a passion for excellence in education, since 1995, CL has been focusing on shaping the lives and careers of many students. Over these years, the CL brand has diversified and established itself as a recognized brand in education sector.

At CL, we 'enable individuals to realize their potential and achieve their dreams'. This is our core ideology and is firmly grounded on our focus on academic excellence, technological innovation, and domain expertise built over years. We operate across a broad spectrum of segments in the education industry, including test preparation and vocational training.

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