mportance of General Awareness in the RBI Grade B

General Awareness is very important for the RBI Grade B exam. Not only because it is a separate section in the phase 1 exam which you have to clear due to the sectional cut offs, but also because it will help you during phase 2 and during the interview rounds. Phase 2 has questions on current affairs in the economic and finance section, and you will be asked questions on current affairs during your interview.

General awareness in your field will help you understand and analyse situations better. The RBI Grade B general awareness section is divided into 2 parts which are current affairs and static general knowledge.

General awareness is a vast topic with new additions daily. You can be asked questions from anytime in the previous year. Studying everything before the exam is not possible. Hence, this is a section which first needs to be studied daily, then revised weekly, monthly and before the exam. Making your own notes will help you revise easily.

Apart from reading the newspaper you need to go through the official Reserve Bank of India website too as most of the questions on general awareness will be from the banking economy.

You cannot skip preparing for this section by thinking that you will cover up in the other sections. The RBI Grade B exam has sectional cut offs hence you have to clear the general awareness section too. A high overall score will not help you if you do not meet the sectional cut offs. Random marking is also not a solution here, the exam has a negative marking system which makes it important for you to be certain that you have selected the right answer.

You should know the important international and national days and famous books and authors. Prepare notes so that you do not have to waste time sitting and searching for all this before the exam.

In the phase 1 of the exam, 80 out of the total 200 questions asked are on general awareness. This gives the section a weightage of 40%. If you have prepared for this section, you will not require much time to answer all the questions asked. This time can be utilised in other sections which require more time per question in order to score high.

General Awareness puts you ahead of other aspirants and helps you throughout. You can never be completely prepared for this section, as you can be asked anything. If you are serious about giving the RBI Grade B exam, then general awareness is a scoring section which will help you in all the three stages of the exam.

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